🎨 WDC #23 Weekend Design Challenge: Collector's Edition

Collectibles are big business, with a global market place estimated to be about $370 bn. Whether it’s Toys or time pieces, cars or coins, lots of folks simply like collecting things!


Image Source: HobbyDB

There comes a point for any collector though when managing their collection becomes a job in itself. That’s what we’re focusing on for the #wdc this weekend. Our challenge is to build an app that let’s collectors keep track of their collections!


We’ve seen a couple of great #wdc entries already this year that involve books or reading and this challenge is very much inspired by the work that @codeswept has done on Bookestion and BookARead so I would highly recommend checking those out.


There’s tons of great inspiration over on dribbble, for example this shot by Diana Gabor uses 3 colours and puts information like publication date and page count front and centre:

Barcode Scanner

This animation from Zakir shows how a barcode scanner can be used to get details about a book

Ex Libris

For this challenge we’re even providing you with a starter template called Ex Libris which you can use if you like.

The main feature here is not the design (I’m leaving that part up to you!) but the ability to scan a barcode from a book, send that to the Open Library API and return lots of interesting details about that book.

As always, really excited to see where the curiosity and creativity of the Community takes us,

Best of luck!


Summary of Entries

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Thank u @domhnallohanlon for creating the #23 WDC

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No problem @rishabh_2008 - let me know if there are any questions about the challenge!


Yeah I didn’t understand the project ,we have to use barcode scanner ?

@rishabh_2008 - the theme for the week is to design something for a collector, so it can be any sort of app for managing or curating a collection. You get to decide what components you want to use!

A barcode scanner probably isn’t much use if it’s for someone collecting cars or stamps (you can just use manual data entry I suppose?) but if you want to pull data in quickly for something like a book or record collection then the barcode scanner is a great way to do this so I’ve provided an example to show one way of getting started with it.

Hope that helps!


Thank you got it :smiley:

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Wow - very excited to see that the sample app has been remixed over 100 times in the past 2 days - if anyone has any questions about using the open library API (or any other aspects of this challenge!) let us know here.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 10.56.43


So honoured to see my apps used as inspiration for this challenge :star_struck:
This seems like a very interesting challenge and I’m working on something for it!


I wanna know that how do u get Web api block ?

Got it , sorry !

Can u tell how to put the api key and URL in this DND UI


Good question - here are the docs in case anyone is looking for them.

The API I’ve linked to doesn’t require authentication, you just pass it the ISBN (barcode) from the book and it gives you back the details. Are you using a different API? Have you studied the Ex Libris sample app?


Yes I studied the app ! It is very good , Awesome ! But just want to know when you were making app ,have you put the URL in it or not Just have this question

Please tell !!!

I have made the project of #WDC 23 but only 1 screen is left of bar code Which i need help from any other people

If you need help, search the forums first as well as the documentation. If you still can’t figure it out, create a new topic and provide details including screenshots or a link to your project. Explain what you’ve tried and what does/does not work.

On the scrScan screen of the Ex Libris project, you can see the url used for the API


Okay got it thank u

My app
• It has a feature that u can upload Pdf…By using AIRTABLE of 2GB storage
• It can scan Bar code of the Books
• It has Web viewer to see community


Thank you
Project link


Thanks for sharing this @rishabh_2008, and for taking the time to make the video too!

I like what you’ve done with the design, does your app have a name?


Thank you so much

Yes it has it name is Librarylux I just forgot to put the name
I have made My app in DND UI
No more Projects ??

so just an question this is a UI challenge right??

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Just read this @eko.devs.apploroceo

ok now, it’s projects show time. first mine! shows up now


here you go