🎨 WDC #6 qr code scanner (Weekend Design+logic Challenge)

hi all
i hope im making this challenge in right ways

so u all ready for
the challenge?

so we come upon a qr code scanner app app
a qr code scanner app

  • fully functioning
  • with gut UI / UX

u have to do is
first create the app
then pm me show ur ui n a video of functioning app
this will be till Sunday only
those who send me results ill
see UI and functional comparison

and then comes final result

all those who participate kindly tell me ur names


some participant are
@tatiang @codeswept

any other

Me @roumak-coder I’ll send the app in a few days
What is the prize?

ok just send within this week if possible

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I am in in the competition

u too in count

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What is the prize @eko.devs.apploroceo

is it qr code scanner because you mentioned in the topic barcode scanner and in the post you wrote qr scanner

i hope mods give u a badge
wdc champ

that only :sweat_smile:

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then pls change the topic name


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@eko.devs.apploroceo pls answer @roumak-coder

maybe mods can make badges on my say
@domhnallohanlon pls answer

how many times i shall say
can answer ittt bro

and delete one of ur posts

I’m interested in participating in an official Thunkable challenge. But you posted my name without checking with me so I’m not so happy about that. And this topic having so many back and forth chat messages is another reason I’m not that excited about participating. But I do wish you luck with the challenge!

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sorry i tried this for first time it being hard but

u said
so I thought

side by side im also trying to make the same

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I suppose I did say that.