❓ WDC 3.0 - Let's Get Quizzical

:question: What is a “Weekend Design Challenge” anyway?

Glad you asked, it’s a chance to sharpen your app building skills and test your knowledge with a short, simple project build.

This thread is a place to share your progress and your questions along the way, and if you’ve been in the Community for a little while you can also share your wisdom and experience with others to help them out

A Quiz, you say?

Indeed! It’s a popular format that comes up time and again - “How do I build a quiz app?”

There are two main formats, either multiple choice, or type-in-your-answer, you can decide the format and the topic of your quiz.

Keep us posted on your progress along the way, and good luck!!


Quiz tutorial by @David_Wolber

MEC Case Study


Community Tutorial


Summary of Entries

I’m going to try update an app I built a while ago, called “Fun with Flags”

Will try and keep you all posted with my progress. Here’s the original for reference:

My progress so far:


Try it out for yourself and feel free to ask any questions:


Here’s what I’m working on:

I might have to make this harder… my teen kid got 20 out of 25 right!

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This looks wonderful!

You could probably add difficulty levels- judging by that one screenshot alone I know that some people’s easy would be my "very hard":joy:

As probably expected, I’m working on a book related quiz app, where users can choose the type (Guess author, Identify the character, etc). I’m also trying to get a flip version of the quizzes, as in if a user flips the Guess The Author challenge, then we’d give the author and they’d have to guess the book. The app isn’t in any shape to have screenshots shared yet but I hope to finish soon!


Can players see the recipe link before they guess?


Sounds like a great idea. I’ve heard music quizzes where you get 2 points for musician and artist but only 1 point if you can’t guess both

No. It appears after a correct or incorrect guess.

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pretty happy with how this turned out, so going to share it with the Community:


There’s a clickable group on the home screen. This acts like a custom button, and can easily be scaled to add in new levels to the quiz. (next up I want to create a round with flags of the teams participating in the Rugby World Cup!)

After choosing your round/topic there’s a 2 second animation. This is just done with the animation component and a free file from Lottie Files

For the quiz itself, the answers a shuffled randomly and I’ve just used Emjoi for the flags to keep the project size as small as possible (all those .pngs add up!)

There’s a great flags API that lets you specify things like flag size and style. I think something like this will be needed if I wanted to expand this to include a State Flags round, for example

When the player gets to the end of the quiz they are taken to the “Game Over” screen. While playing the game the score is being recorded in the background and it finally gets displayed to them on this screen.

Please try it out and if you end up remixing this project please share it back here so we can see what you build!

@tatiang and @codeswept, how are your apps coming along?? Anything we can help with?

Lovely! The UI is simple yet nice on the eyes. The wait feature before announcing a correct or wrong answer adds an element of suspense for the users. One suggestion: maybe add a title page/ home page with the name or functionality of the app, because I had no idea what I was playing at first. On the end page, you could also specify how many questions the user attempted in total. Instead of “Your score is 2”, it could be “Your score is 2/7” or something like that.
Other than that, marvelous!

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@codeswept, welcome back!
i’m glad you’re joining this WDC!
hoping to chat with you again sometime! (or why not a group chat? an international group chat? haha!). enjoy!


i would like to share my Guess-the-Flag game! Actually this is the reverse of the usual guess-the-flag game where you are given a flag and you have to identify the country that goes with it. In this version, you are given a country name and you have to pick the correct flag (1 out of 3 ) that goes with the country.

here are some screenshots

the first screen is a splash page and the 2nd screen is what you get when you press Review from the home page. Screens 3 and 4 , respectively, are the screens you get when you’ve answered the question successfully , or not. you supply the answer by pressing on the desired flag.

you will see that you get the right feedback according to your answer - but not only that the app tells you the answer by replicating the choices in smaller flag sizes (labelled with the country name) and highlighting the correct choice with yellow. instant confirmation.

i have not added scoring yet - i’m encouraging you to add it as programming exercise! add a chart, too, if you can.

it might interest you to know that there are 250+ countries, and their flags, in this app! isn’t it a lot of jpeg’s to store? actually the flags are not images at all - they’re emoji’s. that’s why it’s possible to resize them by simply changing the font size. all the data is stored in an array in a huge json string - but luckily thunkable has a lot of blocks for handling json strings very easily - programming wise.

here’s the link for remixing.


Thanks for sharing this @manyone, I really love that it show’s all the answers after each question, maybe that’s a feature that I’ll have to add to fwf ?

I used emoji too, but @samclever pointed out that some aren’t rendering correctly, have you ever come across this in your implementation?

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