Fun Share: Study & Quiz App - Starter kit

Project 1

Someone wanted a quiz app tutorial recently. I threw this together to help a spanish teacher help her students study more easily!

I’d love to see this idea expanded upon so that the main list of words was actually a subset of an even larger set of words!

would also love to see a sign-in flow along with data reporting / visualization.

here’s a brief explainer video as well!

Project 2

From: @David_Wolber

Project 3

From: Alisha P on Youtube!
She says:
How to make a quiz app in Thunkable X 2021

You can make your own questions and you can change the background of your app, you can edit your screen however you like it. And make as many questions as you want.
I only made 3 questions to show as an example. one of the important blocks are the “UPPERCASE-abc” block and “Trim both ends” block.

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