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Official announcements from the team at Thunkable to help you invent your beautiful apps. Topics will range from the latest feature releases to bug fixes to other fun stuff for our amazing community!

#Thunkable ✕ Discuss (Cross Platform)

This space is dedicated for discussing anything related to the Thunkable ✕ Cross Platform (x.thunkable.com).


At Thunkable, we believe that sharing apps and their source code enables the first-time developers and non-coders in our community to not only build better apps but to also build them faster. In other words, we believe ain’t nobody got time to create the same app that another thunkable developer has created before.


This is an open space to promote your successfully thunk’d apps with the rest of the community. Please share links to your Google Play and App Store listings here. We are always excited to see Thunkers pushing the limits of what is possible on the platform and even more excited to see Thunkers share their source code for other Thunkers to learn from and remix atop of.


We know inventing apps may be a daunting experience so please share with your fellow Thunkers best practices and other tips and tricks to make the process as well as the product as seamless as possible!


Please post any questions you may have on inventing your android app with Thunkable Classic. This is also our space for our Thunkers to help each other out so please tag your post with as much specific information as possible e.g. device type, components used, screenshots, etc so that we can help each other out!


Extensions are one of the coolest developments to land on the Thunkable Classic platform because they allow users to add additional functionality to their apps beyond what is already built in. Please use this as a space for sharing the coolest extensions you’ve found, you’ve built and all the troubleshooting in between.


Here is where people can post video tutorials! Please tag which level the tutorial is (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and the language if it is not in English.


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