Fun with Flags 2.0

Back in 2018 I built a simple app called Fun with Flags (yes, the name was inspired by the show “The Big Bang Theory”!) which used a technique called “parallel lists” to store all the questions and answers. It was fine with 10 or 20 questions but was really cumbersome and time consuming to scale to dozens of different rounds or hundreds of different questions.

Fast-forward a few years and Thunkable now has built-in data sources and can effortlessly connect to storage options such as Firebase and even Google Sheets. This past weekend I started the (long overdue!) process of updating the project and after just a few hours work, have a decent v1 that is ready to share. Please take a look and let me know in the comments what score you get - good luck!


2023-09-08: 3 question db, 3 possible random answers per question, “game over” condition
2023-09-10: Dedicated “game over screen”, score counter
2023-09-11: 10 question db, logging anonymous responses to a spreadsheet, graphing responses on the game over screen, welcome screen
2023-09-12: 13 questions in the db, added in a second level and a new game mode, created a second chart to show results of level 2, moved the app to its own domain
2023-09-18: Added round 3 with 6 new questions, new home screen with simple sign-in, made flags bigger in two existing quizzes


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New update!

As of yesterday, we now have Fun with Flags on it’s own domain:

Some feedback/requests so far:

  1. Make flags bigger for better accessibility
  2. Sometimes the confetti animation doesn’t load
  3. Sometimes the flag (emoji) doesn’t show correctly

(1) is an easy fix, we can just make the font bigger, or add a toggle. For (3) I’m thinking of replacing everything with svgs or base64 images so, in the medium term, this won’t be an issue. Still investigating the root cause of (2), but might be specific to web

Thanks for all the feedback - keep it coming! - and thanks to the 60 or so folks who have played since charting was added on Monday (2 days ago!!)

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V2.2 is now available!

In the previous version users requested that I make the flags larger so that they’re easier to see, take a look for yourself and let me know what you think

The other upgrade that I’ve made in the past week is to add a simple log-in system. This allows you to save your progress (another piece of feedback from last week!). It’s not a huge deal when there’s only two rounds, but as more questions are added this becomes a bigger deal.

:rotating_light: New Round Alert

Speaking of questions - I’ve added a new round with 6 more questions to test out your flag knowledge


I’m going to continue working on bugs and feature requests as they come in, but in addition to that would like to add in a custom Figma Animation, a new quiz type (matching pairs) and, in the longer term refactor the whole thing so that rounds can be programmatically generated and to have flags in SVG and/or Base64 format, Thanks for your continued support and feedback

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How was that winning animation done… is that just a Lottie animation overlay

I really need to start adding features to this app again!

Yep, just a Lottie File @tiny_apps, nothing fancy!