All Flags: my first thunkable app!

Thanks to all of you!


ui seems great
im blind to see
this bottom bar
increse font size and try

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Thanks @kedirlavezzari - really enjoy a good flag quiz!

I did ok on the European flags, but couldn’t challenge the world record! :joy:

In terms of feedback, maybe some visual cues to differentiate between the score label and the time label?

Also, for some reason I’m not seeing the hamburger icon for the drawer menu?

Can you also share application link?

:point_up: that link @thecodingmasterabeer?

No… the project link (web app or something)

Web Apps are a PRO feature so not everyone will have a web app link with their store listing, there’s also no requirement for users to post on in #MadeWithThunkable, only an app store link.

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Thanks for the tips!
I will modify timer and points labels

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Thanks for the quick reply but, there’s an option ‘Share’. I know that the link will expire after 60 days, but I am okay with that.

I tried running this app on my phone; everything works almost perfectly fine, but after a certain point of time, some options start disappearing in the questions. Please try to remove this bug as this can lead to loss of audience in your app.

great work @kedirlavezzari

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Thanks, I try to fix all the bugs

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