Fun Share: Guess the Flag game

the few name_the_flag games i’ve seen always seemed to display a flag, then present a couple of choices in a listviewer for you to guess which country it represents.

and the thought came to me - why not do the reverse? show the name of the country and let the user select which flag goes with that country!

here is that game and some screen shots:
you get a correct/incorrect feedback after every guess as usual - PLUS you also get all the flag choices again but this time with the corresponding countries , with the correct flag highlighted in yellow!

i also added a review mode so you can see ALL the countries stored in this game (250!).

what’s interesting about this project is that there are no jpeg’s stored in the table of countries - all the flags are expressed as emoji’s! (Regional indicator symbol - Wikipedia). by changing the font size, we can change the size of the image!

here’s the project link for re-mixing.