Quiz Games! Fun with Flags/Animals/Chemistry

Hi everyone!

Some times ago I decided to start coding some gaming apps and I thought a quiz game would be one of the easiest to realize. Indeed, one of the longest task is simply to create the database with questions and answers. The rest is all about graphic design and basic functions and components. Anyway, after few days of work I managed to have a working quiz game application. Then, I used the same structure to prepare 3 apps with different content: “Fun with Flags”, “Fun with Animals”, and “Fun with Chemistry”. The game is quite basic, but hopefully has a decent game-play. The idea behind is to create a simple game (especially for kids) to relax and learn something. I also managed in the last update to add a multi-language option to make them available to more people and/or to learn new terms in a different language.

Here are some screenshots and above the links to the Play Store, in case you want to try them.

Hope you like them and Happy thunking!


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