👾 WDC #29: Ka-thunk!

:notes: cue catchy Kahoot music

Quizzes are one of the most popular genres of apps of all time - in the app stores, on Thunkable, and in this Community too!

For this Weekend Design Challenge we’re challenging you to design and build your own interpretation of one of the most popular quiz platforms in the world: Kahoot!

General guidance, as always, is to focus on simple, core features first and then add the fancier real-time bits as you go. Features you might look at including in your app:

Enter your app until June 6th to be randomly selected for Thunkable prizes!


Here’s my Figma designs for the student side of things! Next up is the teacher side of things!! Then import, replace some components, add some labels, then time to code it all!



Nice to see another amazing challenge
I will work on it at the weekend!


I love the idea of using a 2 x 2 DVG for the 4 possible answers @jared - don’t think I’ve seen that done before!


i borrowed the idea of @jared (thanks!)
did i mention that i’m getting a blast from working on this app! (i’m even color blind)
(in this case you pick the NAME on the tile, not the color , duh!)

Hello everyone!
Here is my entry to #wdc 29 ~ Ka-Thunk
Do checkout my app and rate it below :grin:

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here’s my entry to WDC#29!
it’s really a remake of my earlier quiz app but this time i allowed up to 7 answers per question (compared to only 4 in the original) and i added color! i’m color blind but i just had a fun time gathering some nice looking (to me!) collection of colors that go well together so i used random colors everywhere i could! i also added the ability to save scores and display leaderboards.

this is the quiz database in google sheets - kathunk (note - the first answer is always the correct answer)

and this is where the scores are kept: kathunk_score

here are a few screen shots:

i’m enclosing my actual project link (the url at the top when i’m working on the project) so you can play immediately.

however if you start to remix, then the score sheet converts to a local database so you lose the features of google sheet that i took advantage of. if you ever intend to install this in your own server, make sure to do the following.

  1. copy kathunk to your google drive and set permissions such that anyone with link can VIEW (only).
  2. copy kathunk_score to your google drive and set permissions such that anyone with link can EDIT the sheet.
  3. while you’re migrating the source, you might lose the details of the create_row block for kathunk_score. i am including a snapshot here for reference in case you need to reconstruct it.

i didn’t get a chance to build the create_quiz functionality. i figure, the multiple functions and easy navigation of google sheets beat any form of editor i would make. i also toyed with the possibility of making pie chart summaries of the answers for each question but it would have been too much!

i hope you enjoy it.


i decided to write a charting component. it’s meant to be used by the admin or a test maker only. it’s a little slow and it will only chart one question at a time - but it provides a pie chart of the distribution of the number of responders to the answers to a question - which may reveal whether the answer choices are too easy or too hard.

it requires a temporary (read-write) google sheet, kqstats, for storing all answers to the same question before the summary is plotted.

here’s the project url