🎨 WDC #1 (Weekend Design Challenge)


Hi Thunkers - we’re excited to announce the first weekend design challenge.

Between now and Monday you are encouraged to design and share you UI designs for a Music Player App :musical_note: :radio: :musical_note:

This is purely a design challenge, so your app does not need to function. You can use Photoshop, Pixlr, Figma etc for your design if you really want to, but ideally you’ll use Thunkable.

The inspiration for this challenge comes from the Spotify app, so your UI should include:

Play/Pause Button

I mean, this could be two buttons - but it really shouldn’t be :joy:

Shuffle Button

Loop Button

This app has a “loop all” and “loop one” setting build into the one button, and uses a little sticker to differentiate between the two

Previous/Next Buttons

Give the user a way to navigate through tracks in their playlist.

Extra Credit For:

You could, if you have time, also add

  • Show/Hide Playlist button
  • Fast forward and Rewind button
  • Stop button
  • Anything else music-related that I’ve forgotten about.

Show some :heart:

To enter, just post some screenshots as a reply here - I’m really excited to see what you come up with, and would love to know more about your design process.

As the entries come in, you can “vote” by clicking the like button on the posts you like.

There’s no need for feedback or critique in this topic, you can enter regardless of your design experience!

Questions :question:

This topic is just for WDC submissions - if you have any questions please post them over here:

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What is the Weekend Design Challenge (WDC)?

One more day to finalize and post you designs. Quite a few people have messaged me with questions and screenshots, so I think we’re going to see some great designs.

If you have any questions you can ask them in the questions topic:

And if you have any designs to submit just post them as a reply to this post here.



Here is my design for this Challenge :slight_smile:

Splash Screen

Home Page


Player Window

I hope you all liked my work !!!



One last call for entries, remember:

Done is better than perfect!



I am working on a big app since a lot days…
I may join this the other weekend!


Thanks for your entries!

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