🎨 WDC #4 Chat App UI (Weekend Design Challenge)

Weekend Design Challenge #4 is now open!

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted last week, I was really impressed with the variety of the timer apps that everyone came up with, don’t forget to take a look at the designs and give them a :heart: to show your appreciation.

:policewoman: Rules

  1. The challenge will now run from today until Monday
  2. To enter the challenge post a screenshot/screenshots of you design in the community
  3. Bonus points for including your Thunkable Project file too
  4. Next week’s challenge is hidden at the bottom of this post

:clipboard: Your Challenge this week

This week the challenge is to design the user interface for a chat app :speaking_head: :loudspeaker::speech_balloon::left_speech_bubble:

You can come up with a completely new design, but why not try to replicate the design of a popular messenger like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber etc.

:woman_student: Learning the ropes

Both @simran and @darren have created great videos, full of helpful design tips that will help you get started.

You can also take a look at previous challenges to see what people have come up with in the past:

  1. Week 1
  2. Week 2
  3. Week 3

:calendar: Deadline & Next Up

This topic will automatically close on Monday, at 6pm and the theme for next week…

... will be ...

A Note Taking App!


I’m Ready this Time!


Glad to hear it - looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!!

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I am really sorry to say,
I have got a big app as a project. It’s a big project, needs to be done in a month. :tired_face:
I cannot make it…

Apologies, Kartik

Here is my prototype designer of the Weekend Design Challenge.
Link to Remix: Thunkable

Tree Navigation Component

Login Screen

Screen Chats
Using the top tab navigation to separate the chat screen and groups

Screen Chatview

Screen Calls

Screen Config


This is amazing @Thg - great job.

The Screen Chatview is probably my favorite, the chat bubbles look so good with just 3 rounded corners!

Your work is so great ever I seen
Does your application theme colour is red?

Status bar and navigation bar?
I use module xposed Flat Style Colored Bars[Root]

I think the original design of the chat app is good. But i want to improve it, so there should be options to retract message and admins to do such things like temporarily silence the user or delete inaproprate messages as well if that account is only used for spams etc admins should also see a option to block that user until they unblock them or just delete the account