How to design a chat/message board alternative

I have a chat/message board from in my app in webview
i want to remove all webview from my app but i want the message board in the app can someone tell me how to make something like cbox chat?

1 . would have a sign in
2 then some sort of data base
the user enter text which will show up on the main board
only admin can and the person can remove post. etc no need for country flag

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Hey @kizzy

We have lots of great chat app examples, both here in the community and in our documentation - are these the kinds of things you’re looking for?

will take a look

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Let us know how you get on!

There is one for you to remix in the old home page (which is now no longer available) but there is one here if you want to remix it. Click that link, it will automatically copy the project and you can modify it to how you want it to look like. I made a link on the original project that i have modified already, you can still change it.Click on this link to copy the project. You must do this immediately after posted, as the link will became no longer valid after 60 days.