How to make chat list and how to make mini list view

I wanted to know if you can make (if yes how?) mini list view which has option to share report block copy link etc like this

And secondly I read @domhnallohanlon to make a chat app using any block and I really liked it but I wanted to know two more things how can you store the chat? If I use local db and save users 1 answer as answer 1 in local db and answer 2 would that work? Or is there any firebase solution but in firebase to save something you need to create tags so I don’t know how to work with that and secondly how can you make a user chat list showing all the users you message automatically without me having to make columns for them manually

Although they are not exist on Thunkable X.You can try to implement them by yourself.

For starters, I recommend you see the finished projects and documentation on the use of components. The forum and video tutorials, I think, there is information on how to start making chat.