How to store Firebase chat?

I have seen a lot of tutorials on chat especially ones by Thunkable staff using any blocks and I tried it but there is no proper back up of chats I wanna create something like WhatsApp and I just mean WhatsApp chat section. List where users picture and etc and you can swipe left to delete I think you will be able to do that with extended list viewer but how can Store chats and etc can anyone guide me

If you want to create a local backup then a stored variable should do the trick, but if you need an online backup of your logs then a cloud variable might be a better bet.

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Does cloud variables have a storage limit?

You know…I suppose there must be some limit, somewhere along the way, but I’ve never actually heard of anyone hitting it.

I’d encourage you to try it out and let us know if and when you encounter a block.

If I were to store messages I would probably save them using list but the problem is how would I tell the app that any messages sent by this user goes on right and any message sent by me goes on left

I could add a string called left and right and while retrieving I can filter out left and right issue but then the right and left would get shown as part of message no?