Saving lists's to firebase


I would like my users to save lists of data to firebase to recall later for individual users of the app.

I seem to have trouble recalling information appropriately when saved like this.
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 2.06.20 PM

can anyone advise on what i am doing wrong here?

for real data I would be adding text from a text input box and not from current system time.

Here is a link to my app.


Try using a variable of type cloud. It will be easier to work with the list.

I wonder if I can store private user data in the cloud variable. For example if I use the cloud variable to record a list by user X will all other users see the same list? Or would they overwrite the list already stored?

I hope that makes sense.

Or is there a preferred method to save lists to the firebase for specific users. Could you show a block example for that, if so?

If the list should be public, then the cloud variable is used, if private, stored. But it’s possible to make a personal list for every user registered in the database.

Hey @actech. What I was hoping to do was save my stored variables as “private” cloud variables. In essence, I want two users wwith the same login to be able to use my counting app. If one person counts I would want it to reflect on all devices Using the same login info immediately I feel I will need to use the realtimeDB and have username as part of the key

Hey, you think right. To synchronize data on fuzzy devices, use the RealtimeDB component and node listeners. As soon as the data in the listening node changes, the listener block will be triggered, to which you place blocks to perform an action.

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