Store to do list for each user


im trying to create a to do list app that save list with each login, but im not sure how to use cloud variable in order to get the data back for each user indivually.


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Please show your code as screen copy or project link and explain what have you tried so far and where you’ve got stuck.

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this is the project.
as you can see, im able to store users and their login infos and so on.
but i dont know how to link each account with their own list, so each written list will be deleted if the user log out.

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I had a quick look into the project.

The condition in this block has no effect

You are saving the green userId block which is good but not using it anywhere therefore this is my suggestion:

  • Create a table using Airtable or Google sheet or connect your app to Firebase.
  • The table will have minimum of two columns (userID, userList), For Firebase, you will use the userId as the database key.
  • Whenever the list is changed, you need to save it to the table (or the key)
  • With every successful login, you will read the list from the table to show it in the app.
  • In case you want this to be saved in the user device (phone or tablet) then you can save the list to a stored variable.

I made the following changes in the app

Using these changes the app now saves the list of each user to a different row in the table. I made this as a local table but you need to connect it to something like Google sheet to see the effect.


thanks a lot, ill try to use this method!!!

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