Firebase chat armazenamento

Does anyone know how to direct chat conversations to users’ device or mobile and how to insert photo into a chat to send also.

For chat use Firebase and Firebase JavaScript API.

show me. explain me

I have no example. I did not do chats.

So can you explain us about firebase JavaScript API. Or can you give a link of a web site to us to figure it out.

Will this information suit you?


Simple chat:

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thank you very much “Juan Antonio” for this explanation and for the example app. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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it working perfectly.thanks :heart_eyes:

Tell me please.
I need a projectb… to store the conversations?
the conversations between two users, if a user wants for example to continue talking with another user with whom he had already talked in the part of messagements to see what he had talked about utilmamaente.tipo whatsapp.como do that?

Try with this chat!category-topic/mitappinventortest/apps-tips--tricks/I9V0cUU-jAw

what you showed is just another way of doing chat chat with cloud db.
I don’t understand.

CloudDB is used by MIT App Inventor, it is similar to FireBase.

Yes, that is other chat, try it.

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