I want to create a chat app using firebase in Thunkable X

I want to create a chat app, using firebase but in Thunkable X. I have been trying to create a chat app for a while with firebase. Here are some screenshots.

Here’s also the link: Thunkable
It would be really helpful if you can help me.

Hey @kaurgurlakshk0tz :wave:

Is there some specific reason why you have to use Firebase?

This is much easier with a cloud variable, you can see an example we made here:

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Kind of… I learn coding, and they are teaching us this app in thunkable in thunkable which is sort of like texting, but here you can text only a specific set of people. Im going to be learning how to do this after about five weeks, but Im eager to know, and plus, this might help me with the class.
Edit: Can you tell me please how much of my code is correct? And, I have seen the snapgram app, but I want to store all the messages.