How do I connect the latest chat message UI thunkable 2022 to the real time database in firebase ?

I’d like to ask you how to connect the chat message we made in thunkable version of UI 2022 current view to the real time database in firebase ?

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Hey @albertclarence275mye

Are there any other details you can share about your project. Without knowing your app structure, it’s hard to tel you how to connect your app other than to share the link to the docs. Cloud variables use your firebase backend to store info, so that’s super convenient and helpful in a chat app project!

The. more you can share, the more the community can help.

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Okay Sir, this is my screenshot of the chat app projects I created :

Let me ask you about What if I could create a project with a drag and drop components, I want to connect my project Thunkable drag and drop components to real - time database in firebase, But I confuse what blocks can be made to interconnect…

Maybe I could ask you a favor about the making real time database in firebase So that it can connect to thunkable drag and drop components ?

Hi @albertclarence275mye have you already entered the API key and database URL?
If not then do that in your projects settings.

Then you can Use cloud variables to add/update and retrieve data.


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I already filled out api key and database url in my project settings, I’ve also used variable cloud,. But I don’t understand how add, update and retrieve data, please tell me how add, update and retrieve data…

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Well if you Use cloud variables.
You can Use the set X block to add/update data and get X block to get the data

You can see some examples here:

Okay, Thank you sir

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