What is the Weekend Design Challenge (WDC)?


Hi there, @Domhnall!
I am showing some Interests…
But is there any rule about only use thunkable classic / thunkable X
Should I assume that there is a badge/shoutout for the Challenge winner?
Thanks! :wink:

:art: WDC #1 (Weekend Design Challenge)
:tada: PUSH-ing out some SENSE-sational new components in this BLOCK-buster Thunkable ✕ release 2019-05-20
:art: WDC #1 (Weekend Design Challenge)
:art: WDC #1 (Weekend Design Challenge)

I’m going to create a new topic just for discussing this.

Good question - Thunkable X please!

Definitely a shoutout, and that sounds like a great idea for a new badge - thanks for suggesting it.


Oh :blush:


Looking forward to seeing your designs!! :smiley:


Hello @Domhnall I want to ask a question. What would be the Database of this app? I mean, I have to use the internal storage or any online database for steaming music. :nerd_face:

//Ct tricks


Hey @cttricks this is purely a design challenge (as opposed to a development challenge), so think of it as a “Who can make the nicest user interface” competition.

Hope that makes sense!