🎨 WDC #23 Weekend Design Challenge: Collector's Edition

I really wanted to work on this. I started out making a Magic The Gathering card collecting app but I’ve spent all my time this past week rebuilding my Find Your AQI (air quality) app since it wasn’t working. So I haven’t had much free time for WDC. Maybe soon!


@tatiang your UI is very cool !!
Could you please make a video of it works :relaxed:


Thank you but it’s really just a Data Viewer Grid that gets values from a Magic The Gathering API based on the search term entered into a Text Input component.

If you have a question about it, I can try to answer it.


I tried to build a collectors app but the Local Table save (create / update) issue making the task very difficult to complete. I might try doing it using stored variables and JSON objects but this will be another whole story.

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@muneer i experienced the same problem it doesn’t show the "edit data’ button. try using airtable that I highly recommend airtable as google sheet’s not working maybe use firebase realtime DB



It will be a total waste of time to do WDC using a cloud storage. I will not be able to provide a working link for others.

In the meantime, I better stick to Local Table.


Local DB then if

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i translate songs as a hobby and i wanted to do some visuals with my stuff - but the place i go to, lyricstranslate.com doesn’t have an API or link for downloading my library, so i used cut-n-paste and loaded it to excel and eventually to a local table in thunkable. this project was a challenge for me at varying degrees - i had to write routines for sorting, summarizing and the most engaging part - converting the summary to a packed bubble chart. when our translation site finally creates an API, i can just modify this to obtain the data directly.
i could only view the chart via live test hence i couldnt make a video.
here are the major screenshots - there’s still some rough edges in the charting.