🎨 WDC #5 Image APIs (Weekend Design Challenge)

Weekend Design Challenge #5 is now open!

You’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of questions about APIs in the Community over the past number of weeks. We have too, so we’re delighted to be bringing back the Weekend Design Challenge and want to see what sort of data-driven designs you come up with.

:policewoman: Rules

  1. The challenge will now run from today until Monday
  2. To enter the challenge post a screenshot/screenshots of you design in the community
  3. Bonus points for including your Thunkable Project file too
  4. The winner will be the person with the most :heart:'s on their entry.

:clipboard: Your Challenge this week

This week the challenge is to design an app that uses one of the following Image APIs:

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Giphy Get all your gifs apiKey Yes Unknown
Gyazo Upload images apiKey Yes Unknown
Lorem Picsum Images from Unsplash No Yes Unknown
Pexels Free Stock Photos and Videos apiKey Yes Yes
Pixabay Photography apiKey Yes Unknown
PlaceKitten Resizable kitten placeholder images No Yes Unknown
ScreenShotLayer URL 2 Image No Yes Unknown
Wallhaven Wallpapers apiKey Yes Unknown

You can come up with a completely new design, but you can also try to replicate the design of existing image-based apps.

:woman_student: Learning the ropes

If you’re totally new to APIs (or you just want a quick refresher course) check out our YouTube tutorials here:

You can also take a look at previous challenges to see what people have come up with in the past:

  1. Week 1 - Music App
  2. Week 2 - Weather App
  3. Week 3 - Timer Apps
  4. Week 4 - Chat Apps

:calendar: Deadline

This topic will automatically close to new replies on Monday, at 6pm PT. Please post your screenshots/videos/project links before then.




Live app crashing and the app export is failing.
I can’t post screenshots of wdc5 :frowning: :disappointed_relieved: :sob:

Hey @Thg - we updated the Live app over the weekend (I’m using mine right now as it happens) can you make sure you’re using the latest version (v202) and try again?


Do you see any error message when you try to export? Are you trying to build for iOS or Android?

Here is my prototype designer of the Weekend Design Challenge.

Inspiration Stock ,Hope you like it :heart:… Thanks!!!

Note 1: By default, the API Pexels is rate-limited to 200 requests per hour and 20,000 requests per month

Note2: As I saw the topic wdc5 on the last day and had a problem with the thunkable live application, not being able to progress in the design of the screens, but when I stabilize it I will publish the rest of the progress and the link for you to Remix the project

Video preview


Hi, @Thg! :wave:

Nice Work!
If you have completely built this app, do share the remix link here - I am a bit curious on how you coded the ‘Download’ button :smiley_cat:


I had forgot to comment on this! I was meaning to say how beautiful your app design is. I really like how you added quick search buttons at the top of the screen, genius.

Awesome app overall, thanks for sharing!


isnt there any more ui challenges?

@eko.devs.apploroceo - what sort of UI challenges should we run?

Do you have a top 3 types of app you’d like to see in the Community?

i think a qr code scanner app
challenge .

  • fully functioning
  • with gut UI / UX
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Barcode scanners are potentially more interesting. I have a student designing an app to scan food products and provide information about potential allergens. Barcodes can also be used for other products like books.

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so u ready for the challenge?

Are you asking me if I’m ready for the challenge? I was born ready. Well, no, I wasn’t. But I’m ready now. As I’ll ever be.

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but ill need permission to proceed

:grinning: Count me in. I wasn’t a community member last time there was a wdc, so I’d love to participate this time. Also, I’d suggest an app for keeping track of must-try foods, and sharing reviews and suggestions with other users. Basically a social food-blogging and recommendation app (I really want to try Sacher Torte, so I can add it to my want-to-try list, and share photos and reviews once I try it). No need of being functional. @domhnallohanlon could you please confirm whether we’re having wdc 6?

@codeswept @tatiang
i & u can participate
but i need permission from @domhnallohanlon to create a new topic
better if he creates