[Solved] Built iOS Apps Crashing

Update 2: Downloaded iOS apps should work as usual now! Please report any issues in this thread.

Hi Thunkers!

As some of you have noticed, built iOS apps are crashing at the moment.
We know what the issue is, we are working on a fix for this and it should be out later today. A member of the engineering team will update this post when the fix is live.

For now, please use Live Testing with the Thunkable Live app and web testing in the browser to test your app. We recommend against downloading* your app until this issue is fixed, since the build will crash when downloaded.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’ll keep you updated with new developments as they happen.


* Update: This behavior only affects downloaded apps. Sending apps to App Store Connect is fine. We have disabled direct iOS downloads of built apps, but you can publish apps as usual. You can use TestFlight to test your apps before publishing.

Update 2: Downloaded iOS apps should work as usual now! Please report any issues in this thread.


Thank you for the update!

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Just by way of an update on this. The root cause has been identified and a fix is in the works.

In the meantime, we’re currently showing this message to anyone trying to build an iOS app:


If you see anyone else in the Community who is having issues with their iOS apps please direct them here.

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding with this.


Thanks for this
Is there a date for an update, eg. a week, a day …
I should plan accordingly



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The fix is on the way and should be out within the next three hours.



All the iOS build servers are fully functioning and the built apps should not crash. Thanks for reporting the issues!

FYI - there are about 20 apps in the queue and it will take a little longer to process your recent build requests.



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@domhnallohanlon @wei What’s the status on the Thunkable Live app updates on Android and iOS?

Should either be working at this point?

Can I get a TestFlight invitation when iOS is ready?

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The Android companion in the store should work now. We are waiting for the Apple review …


@domhnallohanlon, am I missing something here? I still have the same issue, my app keeps crashing in Thunkable Live (on iOS)…
I checked again step by step and the problem is the same as the one I originally reported: my app variables are not being stored when navigating between screens (they are being reset to “null”). As my application needs a value to retrieve data in Airtable, it crashes.
Please tell me that it’s just a matter of a few hours before the solution will be active. Thanks!

This topic is specifically about apps that are downloaded to iOS devices (built apps)

At the moment the issue with Thunkable Live crashing is that - just like everyone else in the Community - we have to wait for Apple to review our app updates. See Wei’s remark above:

Apple don’t provide ETAs for how long this will take. We have requested an expedited review so hopefully you will be able to update your version soon.

Sorry, I didn’t read Wei’s remark well… my mistake.
Thanks for your help guys!

Just to confirm that all works fine again! Many thanks to the team




The Play store and App store should have the latest versions of the Thunkable Live apps :slight_smile:


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Can we get any detail on what the issue was and how it was resolved? We are all developers here, some of us professional, and we are entrusting Thunkable with our reputation among other things. Poor performance or upgrades reflect badly on us and some of us need to advise customers what the cause of the issue was. Also has any thought been given to some sort of status page where issues could be flagged to users rather than have several users raise there own issues. At least we would have one place to look for issue details.



It was an issue on the app version which we didn’t catch during deployment. The crash was only to the built apps, but not the published apps.

Yeah, we have to do a better job and we will have a way for our users to test a release before it goes out to everyone.



That sounds like a good plan.