[In Progress] iOS Apps Crash on Launch

@domhnallohanlon, I’m sorry to harass you, but would you have any update please? I’m getting very nervous as I need to give an ETA to my client… Thanks!

The current version is v241, which we release last Thursday. Can you please confirm you are using the most up to date version of Thunkable Live?

@mattia.guariglia - are you using the latest version of Thunkable Live?

When does your client need the app? Have you downloaded and installed your project directly on you phone?

I confirm I am on the latest version of Thunkable Live (v241)


@ianphaas Thunkable Live seems to be running fine on iPadOS:

Is the issue with the variables causing your version of Thunkable Live to crash?

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And is every project crashing, or is it just one project in particular?

Expectation is to have the app fully live by the first week of December. I have published the first version to the AppStore so that it can be tested on TestFlight. I now need to make some changes based on the feedback of my testers, but I’m kind of flying in the dark as I can’t test my changes on Thunkable Live and the view I get on Live Test is very different than what I see on my phone, so the only confident way to test for me is via Thunkable live… Once I have made the changes, the plan is to publish an update so my testers can test again. My client is asking if I can confirm that all will be live by first week of December.

I only have 2 projects and they both are crashing.
It all worked well until a few days ago - not sure if you did an update that is causing this crash?


Build apps are crashing, thunkable live is working good


i tried also many of my project, all of them not working on ios after installing ,it crashes


@domhnallohanlon . Hi I confirm the issue is with ALL IOS apps downloaded to IOS devices. At least the all devices I have tried. Testing using the Thunkable live app on the devices seems to work as does Thunkable live in a browser. All development here has had to stop until this issue is resolved as we are unable to test in any significant way. Please provide an update as soon as possible. Even confirmation the issue is being looked into would be something. Is a rollback of last Thursday’s changes being considered?



My app opens fine on Thunkable Live for iPadOS, however, the variables are not keeping their values. This does not cause my app to crash, however, it renders my app unusable.


@domhnallohanlon So there would be no more questions about what’s failing, I built the simplest of apps… Hello World! It crashes on iOS. The project is public.

This is all it does:



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see if you can update thunkable x application or uninstall and reinstall
what I did was update it and now it works for me, before updating it did not work for me

@Vaiper_watafai The Thunkable Live application is working. I’m referring to the “Download iOS App” option. The iOS build crashes.

The same happened to me in android and ios, it worked live but when compiling it no longer
but now it works perfectly for me
all i did was update thunkable app
and now it works perfectly for me

@domhnallohanlon - can you please confirm that the team is looking into this issue? Please let me know if you need any other info. Thanks!

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Our app is also crashes and we have to deliver to client. We need a urgent solution.

@bartcoolsblcvn @necipolukcu4yu3ep - we’ve identified the cause of this and are working on a fix.

It should be out later today - we will keep you posted at this progresses.

Thanks for flagging this!


ok, for anyone experiencing issues with built apps on iOS crashing, please make sure you are following this post:

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