[Solved] Thunkable Live app crashing

Hi don’t know if anyone else is experiencing problems with the Thunkable live app on iOS 13.5.1. Every time I open the app crashes with white screen immediately after the splash screen then closes. If I delete the app from my phone then reinstall it works the first time it is opened then reverts to crashing on subsequent attempts to use?
This started about 4 days ago. Any help from the team or other users would be much appreciated :pray:t4:


@badbrains , I had a similar issue, but realised that it is not the thunkable app crashing ,but it is the app that you have designed that is crashing.
Try this,

  1. Go back to thunkable , load a different app that was working fine , launch the live preview.
  2. Go back and try your thunkable live app again
  3. If it works fine, then you just need to check errors in your previous app
  4. If it doesn’t work, the could be issues with the thunkable live app

Happy thinking!

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its an issue with thunkable they need to fix the system

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seems to be working now going to test

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I’ve had it happen on my Android test bed. Thunkable Blocks are translated into Javascript (Thunkable is based on Facebook’s React Native SDK, you’ll see those java logs pop up during an app crash, live app or your own code). This means your iOS app is basically Javascript code emulated on your device, so it’s already gonna use a bit more of your device’s performance.

Basically, make sure you double check how elements are loaded, prioritize the logic functions first, then essential API get calls that are saved to key screen/app variables, and have setting text in labels or images be some of the last steps. Remember, order matters, if you’re trying to load a bunch of text and images first before you call your API to get the text and image variables for it first, you’re gonna have a bad time. It’s like dividing by 0 in math. “Null” or “undefined” variables can cause you headaches. Hope this helps.

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device online still cause screen to not function

Hi, I’m pretty sure it’s not an issue with the project as I have been working and live testing the same project for the last 3 months and had not made any changes to it when the live testing problems began a few days ago.


I have the same problem:

  • starting thunkable live companion under iOS (13.6) works fine, all my apps work as expected.
  • I quit the live companion. Then I start the app again and not even the login screen appears. This has nothing to do with any of my apps.
  • I can delete the thunkable live companion and re-install it, then it will work again - for at least one time…

Sounds the same as what I am experiencing.

I just had the same issues on my android phone. Thought I must have done something wrong but I tested other apps and they’re having the same issue. Good to know I’m not alone.

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Hey how can I fix this?

there is a white space above the keyboard

The app crashes before it loads the project so it’s not our app crashing but it’s theirs, the live companion.

I don’t know what they did but it also changed the way the live testing on pc is visualized and now it’s all wrong.

Can we have at least an explanation?

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my pro account ends today i am so upset right now i just had my app up in the store i told people they could download it only to have it worst than the app they had before because this just closes .

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I am having the same problems. Does anyone know what to do? I need to launch my app this month.
@Domhnall @wei @jane

Updated to v203 on iOS 14 public beta, crashing for me but only after an hour or so of use (I only logged in once with live test code, same as the initial users post). Rebooting device does nothing. This happened only a few minutes a go (as of time of this post).

It also appears though that the live preview on x.thunkable.com freezes my browser tab, though I believe this may be my app. This never happened before though.

That second part was all on me. Crashing still persists on iOS but browser is fine.

203 version still crashing along with my app

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I upgraded to version 203 on iOS - it worked for a bit and then it is crashing again! Unable to open the app. Update as of Noon 7/20 CST.

Same problem with android 10

Yes, the same is happening to me

Hey everyone.

Let’s limit the scope of this thread to issues with Thunkable Live that have cropped up over the weekend.

The current version of Thunkable Live for iOS is 203 and for Android you should still be on 202.

If you’re having issues opening your own apps that you’ve downloaded can you please post a detailed report on this topic:

We’re looking into this at the moment and hopefully can get a fix rolled out quickly.

In the meantime, as a temporary work-around, you can clear your app storage to get the Thunkable Live app working again. Here’s a quick demo of how to do this:

cc: @badbrains @general @kizzy @newman1994211pt @StartShare @Michael_Rogulla @LuEllaBella @rzkymochamadp2culj @maxb @spuradic.techa @eoinparkinson @ashwani.mathur3difzz @wagnerwillianx6


I click on the thunkable live companion app from my phone’s home screen, white screen for 2 seconds and i get “thunkable live has crashed”, on android, last version of the app.