[Solved] iOS 13 Golden Master CRASH

Now that golden master version is released, the Thunkable Live app isn’t work, when i open it, it closes in the same time. May you try to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance. :wink:


@tccfemme, Can you tell us what model iPhone you are using? We have seen issues with iOS 13 on a couple, but not all, iPhones and we’d like to keep track of which models are having the problem. That will also help us diagnose the issue.

Thanks in advance.


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Hey Mark, i’m using an iPhone XR model. When i open it instantly closes.
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the info.


Same error.
i’m using an iPhone XS model

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from customers who bought my app, saying the same thing. Crashing on startup. iOS 13 with XR and XS models.

We have released a fix. Note that our Companion app will still have the issue but if you download your app it should work fine. If you have any published apps please publish an update to fix this issue for your users. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for reporting.


@suigeneris note that you can request an expedited review from Apple https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/ see bottom of page.

I have iOS 13 and work well

@mike, Don’t you think a more broad announcement is appropriate for this? I noticed only 70 members have looked at the post and I’m guessing way more may have apps on the Apple App Store and don’t know their apps are broken under iOS 13. FWIW.

@ctmorrison I’ll bring this up with our support team and see if we can’t get a bit wider exposure. Thanks for the feedback.

after IOS13 official update, Thunkable app crashes immediately after lauch.

I only found complaints before for beta versions of IOS13, which was not my case.



Hi @sergiosider,
I moved your post to this topic which explains the latest update with regards to iOS 13.

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I’ve had a few students with this issue on the companion app.

One is on an XS Max.

I’m surprised no one else has posted this, but since I upgraded to ios13 I can no longer open thunkable. The app appears to open and after 1 second closes right away. I’ve tried reinstalling but no go.
I can’t test my apps anymore:( is this a known bug or is it just me?

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Hi @swellbengb1i46,
I moved your post to this topic which explains the latest update with regards to iOS 13.

Thanks for moving this Jane. I too saw this post, but I dont see a solution or explanation. Incidentally, Im on an iphone XS

Hi @swellbengb1i46, welcome to the community :wave:

Our first priority was to make sure that your users can still use your app, so since Sunday iOS apps built with Thunkable X are, in fact, fully compatible with iOS 13. See Mike’s post above:

We’re still working on the update for Thunkable Live, and will post more here as soon as we have more. For the time being you are still able to test your apps by installing them directly on your iPhone. I fully appreciate that this isn’t as fast a feedback-loop as the one Thunkable Live provides, but again, we’re working on getting an update out as soon as we can, so hopefully you aren’t inconvenienced for too long!

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Hi everyone,
One more for app crashing. I am using iOS 13.1 Beta with iPhone 11 just FYI. Posting now because 13.1 is supposed to come out today (9/24)


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