[Solved] iOS 13 Beta 7 Breaks all thunkable projects

either there’s a bug in iOS 13 Beta 7 or in Thunkable cause all iOS 13 betas 1 through 6 all worked great with Thunkable (Live app and installed/published app) until beta 7 yesterday…


Thunkable peeps! I hope this is temporary! iOS 13 is coming in less then a month

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Hi there,

We are looking into Thunkable X and how it may be affected by iOS 13.
Please note that in certain circumstances, it might take us some time to prepare for new versions of iOS.
We don’t claim to be able to provide support for any beta OS versions.


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@IWS please try again and if you’re still having issues definitely let us know because we’ve tested in 7 and it’s working for us. Thanks for testing.

Nope. Still busted. Thunkable Live app immediately crashes on opening. I’m on iOS 13 Beta 7 (build 17A5565b) on an iPhone XS Max.

I even tried deleting and reinstalling the Thunkable Live app. Still crashes the same

Here is a clip of it crashing on launch…

Just updated to iOS 13 beta 8 (17A5572a) and still crashes. Tested on both my iPad Pro and iPhone XS Max.

This isn’t a good sign so close to the final release of iOS 13 next month…

Just updated to iOS 13.1 Beta 1 (17A5821e) and crashing on launch issue persists…

@IWS we have a couple iOS 13 devices and aren’t experiencing the issue so not sure yet what root cause is. Could you try downloading an iOS app again too?

I have deleted and reinstalled and tried two different devices

@IWS, could you try creating a new, empty project, clicking the Live Test button and then starting your Thunkable Live app?

Thanks in advance.


The Thunkable live app is crashing immediately on load after a fresh install. I haven’t even logged in yet so the crash has nothing to do with my account or projects. The Thunkable live app is crashing before a project is even selected.

@IWS, thanks for that info. We are still trying to track this down. It difficult, though, because we can’t reproduce it.


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Have you tried with a iPhone XS Max with the latest iOS 13 beta build?

I just spent 3 hours testing two different phones and iOS 12 vs 13 after complete phone erases and fresh setups. My iPhone XS Max won’t run Thunkable Live app on iOS 13 anymore. The iPhone 7 I have runs fine on both iOS 12 and 13. It must be phone specific.

Final iOS 13 is out next week btw and that means everyone will be auto updating and my app is completely worthless

@Mark Here is the crash log I got from attaching my iPhone XS Max on iOS 13.1 Beta 2 to xcode…

thunkable_live_crash_log.txt (112.3 KB) … here is a snippet…

Incident Identifier: 38A6817C-CC45-494C-99BF-65CA7C8A57F2
CrashReporter Key:   ed950709949f7ce5c9925ae262ed4ab50a5089f0
Hardware Model:      iPhone11,6
Process:             thunkablecompanion [1284]
Path:                /private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/01137C61-0158-4592-AB67-69397A57B5B5/thunkablecompanion.app/thunkablecompanion
Identifier:          com.thunkable.live
Version:             1 (56)
AppStoreTools:       10G3
AppVariant:          1:iPhone11,6:12.2
Code Type:           ARM-64 (Native)
Role:                Foreground
Parent Process:      launchd [1]
Coalition:           com.thunkable.live [1110]

Date/Time:           2019-09-05 14:20:55.0817 -0400
Launch Time:         2019-09-05 14:20:54.5796 -0400
OS Version:          iPhone OS 13.1 (17A5831c)
Release Type:        Beta
Baseband Version:    2.01.08
Report Version:      104

Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)
Exception Subtype: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x00000001100085d8
VM Region Info: 0x1100085d8 is in 0x110008000-0x110028000;  bytes after start: 1496  bytes before end: 129575
      REGION TYPE                      START - END             [ VSIZE] PRT/MAX SHRMOD  REGION DETAIL
      __TEXT                 000000010ff00000-0000000110008000 [ 1056K] r-x/rwx SM=COW  ...dle/MacinTalk
--->  __DATA_CONST           0000000110008000-0000000110028000 [  128K] r--/rw- SM=COW  ...dle/MacinTalk
      __DATA                 0000000110028000-0000000110030000 [   32K] rw-/rw- SM=COW  ...dle/MacinTalk

Not sure if this is related or not…

Thanks for this! We’ll take a look.


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It seems unlikely to be related, given that that issue applies to iOS and Android and there’s no indication that iOS 13 was involved. There is a somewhat similar issue that that was reported that is iOS 13 specific that will require us to upgrade to using the soon to be released version of Expo (a framework on top of React Native). As soon as that happens we’ll build a new version of the Thunkable Live companion and ask you to test it on your device. In the meantime, we’ll look closely at your crash log and see what we can determine from it.




@Mark any updates on the Expo upgrade to fix iOS 13?

Not yet. FYI, we are awaiting this issue from Expo, which is tracking their upgrade.


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@IWS thanks so much for your help. We have released a fix. Note that our Companion app will still have the issue but if you download your app it should work fine. If you have any published apps please publish and update to fix this issue for your users. Sorry for the trouble.