[Solved] My downloaded app won't open

Initial startup - OK
After closed and open again - the app closes or crash.
After cleaning the data - Everything is repeated from the beginning

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Your app saves data when you first launch it and then uploads it to the app? If this happens, it is possible that the error is related to this point.

You may be trying to access an object that doesn’t exist when you start your app.

I recommend that you learn how to debug Androoid applications over USB using ADB and write logs using Logcat. There are articles on the Internet about how this is done.

Seriously sir?

this general issue for every thunkable user Due to latest V202 Update
This is the 3rd Day And no answers from developers
I had to downgrade thunkable live to V201 in order to overcome this issue temporarily But i still can’t download and install apks

BTW this issue is cross platform not just for android
IOS user complaining too

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Its General bug bro Wait for next update

You’re right. The problem with update v202.

I hope Devs Fix it soon We all postponed our Work

Developers usually don’t work on weekends, but I fully support users ’ confusion about the inability to build an apk in the new version. Why was this update released? Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to this question.

For a number of reasons, I don’t create an apk on Thunkable X, so I only found out about this problem now.

Yeah I expect the next update on Tuesday or Wednesday

but Sir this issue for all platforms not just android
Theres posts by IOS users
The Biggest Problem is that the issue isn’t related to any component even if the app is empty it will crash
even if you try the app in thunkable live V202 it will crash

  • gif & lottie not working + device online not working + Realtime DB not functioning properly (i need to refresh many times to retrieve data from google servers)

This mean the Devs Didn’t Even Spent a 10 Sec To try the update Before pushing it to users

They have to explain to users specially PRO users (by the way I’m one of them) who pays for premium service and choose thunkable among other free platforms

Anyway I have faith in thunkable team And I’m Sure They will fix this soon and make it better than before

I understand your questions and the expectation that the PRO version should work well. But what I see and know, unfortunately, makes me sad.


Hi Domhnall,

the problem with update 202 is obvious and critical, but why isn’t there a message pinned to the top of the forum with a link to the working version 201?


We need a Roll back nothing is working

I think we will wait few days for fixing from Thunkable Team.

Thunkable Live ver 201


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Hello sir
Any updates about the issue ?

it’s Monday and no clarification Posted …
We’d Appreciate Any Information … because we are lost here and we still waiting for update to solve issues !

Hello, unfortunately, I don’t have any information, as I’m not part of the Thunkable x team.

I can only offer this method of protection from problems in the future: when an update is released, first install it on the Bluestacks emulator, and only after checking that it works, perform the update on your devices.


It is also Monday in my city, but please take into account the time difference and the fact that it will not be able to fix the update quickly. I want to make mistakes, but it seems to me that the new update will not be released until the end of the week.

For this reason, the best thing is to use the 201 update


So, my app was working correctly on Android and iOS, but I recently had this same issue in both platforms. I could open my app correctly the first time, but after closing and reopening the app, it crashes almost immediately.

Today, a warning message appear to hard refresh my browser and after I did it and downloaded my apk, the problem got solved for Android, but it continues for iOS. I’m using iOS 13.5.1 on iPad. I would thank any advice on how to solve the problem. Thank you!

Thank you for your reply @domhnallohanlon.
Yes, the issue appears on the installed app on iPad.
As I said, the issue was present on my Android device too, but it fixed when I hard refreshed my browser and downloaded again my apk.
For iOS however, I go to Download iOS app and when I receive the email and install my app, the issue appears: The app opens for one second or so, then it crashes.

A couple of days ago, it was working perfectly.

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@hugocronyk7 are you having an issue opening apps that are installed in your devices?

This topic is about Thunkable Live?