Thunkable live app and my app close right after starting

Thunkable live app and my app closes right after starting. There are some problem with platform or is in my iPhone? When I delete and install the apps, this work a few times… and bum. Problem again. I don’t understand.

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me too , This morning in Thailand I open live app and its close immediatly. :cry: :cry:

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Happened to me yesterday. I think it is related to the recent update. What I did was to clear all app data on the phone, log out and login again. Same for the Thunkable website, clear browser cache and then logout then log in again.

@gobassky yeah… But I lost my “entire test database” when I update my app and could open it once… and then, I can’t open anymore…
About thunk live app, I have to enter and exit over and over to use…

Quite unfortunately, after every update, we have to deal with different things. Perfectly working app suddenly becomes broken. If the test database is important to you, maybe consider storing it on cloud or as (new) account data source.

@gobassky I comprehend. I am working about this… and discovering the best way, because are diferents tools for diferents goals… Can I use Firebase to storage image and data through Thunkable? My life would easier if yes. :slight_smile:

same thing to android platform the apps freeze and not responding
thunkable live need to restart many times to work
All animations is not working specially after compiling apk file

I can’t even start the Thunkable app on Android since it was updated 24hrs ago; it instantly crashes.

Tried clearing all data, reinstalling and rebooting phone, but no change.

I can confirm that the issue related to Thunkable V202 Update
Try to downgrade your thunkable live to V201 which is found on this link

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Thats for Android it is working on .But ios very bad crashing wont open

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I have been having the same problem, slightly different on three different androids. Galaxy S8, Android 8 and Sony Experia with Android 9 and Galaxy S10e with Android 10 all crash immediately upon opening. Yesterday, for a time, the companion would run on the Sony but was behaving incorrectly. For example, the “device is online” was coming back “NO”. I tried downloading and installing an APK of a project that was fine and now it crashes upon opening. Same project seems to be OK on an older iPad running an unupdated companion. I’m not comfortable rolling back to a previous version of the companion…will a fix be coming soon?

i really hope they do something soon

I mainly store data on Airtable (which works like a spreadsheet) and individual variables on firebase. For images i have tried thunakable’s media DB using Cloudinary but not much. I am more used to store the images on firebase storage, and put the link address on firebase variable accessible thru thinkable…

my whole airtable screen is gone in my published app thought i could just fix it nope , nothing works

I think we just have to wait out for them to fix this. Previous updates, I was still able to pinpoint to issues and feedback. but this time, the live companion app completely crash. Web app preview still work, but really messed up all my projects.

Thanks @newman1994211pt, that apk did the trick!

Hey dudes, Some solution known? I have tried changing the format of initial variable tests, thinking about the problem (my own app crash) to be that tests… but not exactly work… what do you think? What is correct? (primeira_entrada means first inicialized app)

not me i know my APP is good and the crashing is not my fault i am not going mess with my app take it apart and end up wit more issues

as far as i know, it happens to recent version of thunkable X and previously published app is not affected.
but in my case, current app has trouble since yesterday for other problem due to data list viewer.
so i have to update quickly However i rather not update now.
becuz the problem will get bigger. (every user will experience app crush if i update now)
(and in my case, both iOS and Android have same issue; crush)
so im just waiting for fix. (cry)

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