Do Thunkable apps work on iOS 15?

I am using Iphone 12 pro with ios 15.0
Test App is not opening. When i open my Test App There is an error for must to be update for ios.
Thunkable Live App or Published Apps are opening well.

Send screenshot of error

it said you the, developer should send the new update to see your updated features.


What do you mean? How can i do that? I think it is not for Iphone sir. I think Developer team will be update. Because of it is not downloading too.
You are mixing for Android.

In this instance it’s Thunkable (the developers of the build servers) who need to update, I think.

Correct @doctorsof - when was this app last built? Did you download it today?

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"The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS "

iOS 15

Already opened

Thanks @doctorsof - merging with your original post now.

@tony.ycy.program same question please:

When Apple and Google update their Operating Systems developers sometimes need to update their apps too. I don’t know all the technical aspects but sometimes there are changes in the OS that mean the developer has to account for new or changed capabilities or functionalities of the OS.

Usually this is the sole responsibility of the developer. But as apps are made using Thunkable it may be the case that some background changes need to be made in the way apps are compiled.

The developers of Thunkable should look into whether there are indeed changes required to how apps are compiled.

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Thanks @Dean_Artis - I’m fully assuming this is a change needed on our build servers.

We have just rolled out some infrastructure updates recently so just trying to establish from @tony.ycy.program and @doctorsof if these are apps built today/yesterday or if they were built prior to that?

Can anyone else on iOS 15 chime in here? (I’m living in the dark ages back on 14.3 :joy:)

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I downloaded and tried 5 min ago but same issue.
When i am using 14.3 it was work i mean yesterday morning. Because of i updated to ios 15 but after than it is not work. I deleted and re-installed not working too.


Just tested 2 of my apps on ios 15, both compiled and published earlier this year and both working fine without the update notification.


My published apps are working well but we are talking about test app.

How much earlier @martint? I think iOS 15 only came out yesterday?

Now that you mention it, were either of you on the iOS 15 beta @doctorsof or @tony.ycy.program ?

I didn’t use ios 15 beta. I updated yesterday to ios 15.0 right. I wish I had waited a couple of days.

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Both last compiled and published pre July. Downloaded installed and tested on iphone after updating to ios 15 today.

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Interesting - ok, well that’s good to know (this is the Funhall app, right?)

Just by way of letting you know what I know so far, it looks like we might need to update the software on the machines that build our iOS apps and it should be possible to get that done within the next day or so.

I will keep you all updated on progress (and probably check back in to ask for help testing when the update goes out) but in the meantime please point anyone with a similar issue in the direction of this thread.



Hi @domhnallohanlon .
It will definitely be necessary to update the software on the machines that build iOS apps. I tested on 4 different iPhones with iOS 15 and the result is the same for all


Hah, I’m blaming my Hiberno-English on the confusion there @Balanced_Kitchen :joy:

To clarify, we will definitely be fixing this.