SOLVED - Does anyone know why the the downloaded app and Thunkable Live app doesn't work on iOS?


Does anyone know why the downloaded app and the Thunkable Live app doesn’t work on iOS now? It just closes every time I open it.

I see some other topics that look like what I am talking about:


are you using a web api component???

It sounds like your project is crashing rather than there being a problem with Thunkable Live itself or the build process for downloading an app.

I would suggest building a very simple app (just a button on a screen) and then testing that to see if you can rule out some things.

And/or post a link to your project here… maybe someone can spot a problem with your blocks.


I don’t have the project on the phone right now, the Thunkable Live app just closes.

Right but that may be your project crashing. For example, if I make an infinite loop that eats up memory, it would crash the app immediately. So that’s why I’m suggesting testing a simple/blank project in Thunkable Live and letting us know the results.

I made an app that only has one button that will open a website, but it crashes too.

So maybe there is something to the Thunkable Live app not working. But I would still suggest just a button… no website, no blocks… just literally a button on a screen.

What version of Thunkable Live are you using? And on what device?

It works fine for me running Thunkable Live version 261-1 in iOS 14.4.

The two topics you referenced are months and years old. I would think we would have heard more about this recently if it was still an issue.

I’m using iOS 10, the only iOS i can use to test.

On Thunkable ✕ Docs, it says the minimum requirements is iOS 10.
On the App Store, the Thunkable Live app says it requires iOS 10.0 or later.

I have tried it on iPhone 7 and 5 and they both don’t work.

Hi, I confirm, with IOS10 not work, if I use IOS14, working very good

but I am still not sure why on Project Assets and Sizes from Thunkable ✕ Docs, it says the minimum requirements are iOS 10 (

And the Thunkable Live app on App Store it says iOS 10 or later.

I know, last year the app worked fine on IOS 10, I was testing my apps, on January 21 I asked the Thunkable staff for information, unfortunately nothing has been solved.

Me too! It worked fine a few months ago.

I waited for a while if they could fix it without posting anything but that didn’t work.

@leew18 I don’t have an iOS 10 device to test on, but if you send me your project link I’ll take a look.

Also, the splash screen in the video you shared is from a downloaded app, right? Is Thunkable Live crashing too?

Yeah, both of them.

Here is the project:

What is the difference between thunkable and mit app inventor??

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Hello, I would like to follow up, please can anyone give a reply?

I had access to an iOS device running iOS 10 a couple weeks ago. Thunkable crashed on it. The listed specs may be too low.

The good news is that the only phones limited to iOS 10 are the iPhone 5 and 5c, and those are 9 years old. Even 5s can go to iOS 12. You can get a 6s or an SE (the original one) used for <$100 in the US and be running iOS 14. I have the original SE, and it runs Thunkable Live and apps just fine, although sometimes I find the smaller screen size challenging.