[Solved] Thunkable live iOS is giving me an error when I start the app

Whenever I try to open Thunkable Live on my iPhone i gives me the error depicted in the picture below. Thanks in advance!

Could it maybe have to do with the fact that I’m using an older iPhone 6. The app store says it is “Compatible with this iPhone”, but you never know.

My iPhone6 ​​works great with Thunkable X. If you give a link to your app, it will help solve the problem.

@actech here is a link to a copy of the app:

I’m on iOS 12.4.1 your example does not cause a crash (you reinstall Live on iOS?). But the problem is - initially on iOS does not work the listener unit and for this reason are not updated data. the listener on an iOS unit starts if the first variable is initialized. I think the problem is related to the original initialization of variables “cloud”.

What is interesting is that this bug does not work every time. I have 2 times downloaded your project and have seen a problem with the update variable cloud. But when I downloaded your project for the third time the listener on iOS just started working well.

The thing is that I cannot even get into the app. Whenever I start the app it gives me that error. I cannot even start my app. I have tried reinstalling 10 times.

*I am using an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.4.1

Thanks for testing it out though

Ios 13 crashing with iPhone XS

No, iPhone 6 getting error when starting iOS 12.4.1.

Try to run any other application with a blank button. You also can not run it in Live?

Hi there,

Please visit https://myaccount.google.com/personal-info and edit your Name to add a Last name.

Let me know if this takes care of this issue.


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Yes i have but still crashing.

Thank you so much that worked. My account didn’t have my last name.

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