Thunkable Live on iOS doesn't work


Yesterday I used the thunkable live application on an iOS device and I was able to log into my account and use it as intended. But today it now just comes up with a screen that says “Click me for colours”, tapping the screen changes colours and it changes the text to “Oh well…”. New installs, not logged in it just goes straight to that screen. Android looks to be fine.

What’s going on?


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It’s working for me on an iPhone 11 running iOS 14.4.

Do you know if you are signing in with Google, Apple or email?

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Have you tried deleting and re-installing the Thunkable Live app? Are you running the latest version?

Attached is what I’m seeing. This is on an iPhone 7 on iOS 14.4. I am actually a tutor and a number of my students had it today on both an iPhone X and an 8 (I didn’t even bother checking the other students).

Using Google as well (these are also completely fresh installs on every single device). But I need to emphasise this screenshot is the FIRST thing that you see when you open the app not the login page.

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How strange! I think we may have to wait from someone on Thunkable Staff to resolve this. If this is the initial screen on a new install of Thunkable Live, something is definitely wrong.

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Hi Ross. I assume that the “click me for colors” screen is not the first in order in the list of screens, right? If so, I have experienced the same on the latest Thunkable Live version.

I am not sure what you mean but there is a splash cover page that opens with the Thunkable logo, then it loads into the “click me for colours page” as shown above. I have no way to login or get to a project I am working on.

Ah ok, I see. False alarm then :slight_smile:

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Well… I just updated to the newest version of Thunkable Live and… sad to say I’m seeing the same thing you are, @ross.j.waddellpjwigy. Looks like the build wasn’t correct. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next version.



i think this will take 3 days at lest until Thunkable Staff send a new version to app store :sweat:

the same…

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Yes, I also have the same problem. Few days ago it was working fine… I am using iOS

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Same also.

Same here!

Same and shame. Why i have to pay for this??? Resolve please or refund me 25 $ per month and i have to work with this??? Shame shame shame

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Hi everyone,

Sorry about this behavior. We are going to roll back this update to the Thunkable Live app. I will update here when the rollback has been implemented.


can you tell us how much time this will take ?

Please follow this thread for more update -