Thunkable live on iOS unexpected error on main screen

I had been using Thunkable x for about two months now. Occasionally, I get a problem while resting my apps. When I open the Thunkable live app on my iOS, it crashes with unexpected error. Before this time, it used to correct itself… but now, I have been working on it for about 5 hours but not being able to Thunkable live on iOS (my iPhone and the iPad)… however the th Notable live works ok on the android… this is the error…

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i’m having the same problem today… was working fine yesterday…

Seems like a bug on server side on ios authentication.

No updates on this eh? Bummer. This has halted my development :frowning:

got it on 3 different ios devices yesterday. Nearly put a huge damper on my 7 year old enjoying her app. Luckily I was able to dig out an android tablet.

Any update on fix time? Would love to start using this with my students in a few weeks.

Is there a solution???

Yes! I finally figured a work around.
Solution is to download the editable file or generate a share link of your app. Then logout of your thunkable X account and login again using a different gmail account. Now import the app file you generated from the previous gmail account to new one or just click on the editable link you generated. Once it will open the project, click on live test. Last thing to do is to uninstall the thunkable live app from your iPhone and reinstall it. Login to the newly installed app us by the new gmail you created and imported the thunkable project on.
Voila! You can now finally view the app again errorfree… you can do this to all other apps too, you want to try. Just import their editable project files to the new gmail account.
Let me know if this helps.

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Its great that you found a work around! I am wondering if thunkable has any input as to whether they plan to fix this? I am sure I can figure out your work around, but my high schoolers wont and my 7 year old certainly wont!

I contacted thunkable support. This was their reply:

“I’m sorry to hear about this issue. Thank you for flagging this and getting in touch. Would it be possible to try killing the live test app on your phone, create a new project, click “Live Test” in the new project and then restart the live test app? Let me know what happens.”

Hello Haris1.

Good solution but I’m not quite following. Some parts that I don’t understand and some do. A video would be allot easier and would helped many people (just like me).

If you can do that, everyone would be happy.
Best regards

i still don’t get it