iOS for Thunkable

I know a lot of people want an iOS version of Thunkable. We hear you! Our team is actively working on it and should hopefully have it ready in the next few months.


I think every one waits this moment!!!


Did you have a timetable for ios thunkable?

I am growing on the whole developing for android. Your work and that of the previous contributors is awesome. The framework is fantastic.
I am just missing this compatibility with ios, especially if that means reusing some or most of the code.
Could you please share progress on this?


Our team is actively working on iOS and hope to have it ready in early 2017!


Great news. Can’t wait.

hurry up please, i am planning to have an app ready by JAN 15 next year and #IWant ios with it!!! ;D

Please be patient, It’ll be ready when it’s ready. The Thunkable team are working very hard to bring iOS and I’m sure they don’t want to rush it.

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@Sean_Pinder We’re working hard on it! I promise - We want it it just as badly as you do:)


Well, I’m willing to wait until you guys have gotten it working, also, I need to get a second hand iPhone to test it on. So… yeah, take you time guys. We’ll still be here.

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I wonder if this will be “code once/deploy on multiple platforms” type app? Or will there be a different coding environment for each platform?

I hope it’s code once/deploy on multiple platforms


For now it will be a different coding environment for each platform. They will look and feel similar.

The main reason for two platforms is that Android and iOS have features that are unique to them and if we were to create a platform that was “code once/deploy on multiple platforms” we would only be able to offer features that are present on both platforms. Given that there are many features that are only available in each platform (eg. near field communication and material design on android, force touch and human interface guidelines on iOS and many many others), if we wanted to allow continued high end flexibility, rather than reducing to the lowest common denominator of features available on both platforms, we have to keep it as two separate platforms.

That being said, this is just the way we are planning to start out, but in the future, we would love to merge them as much as we can to make it as seamless an experience for all Thunkers.


OK I understand, different features, different devices

@amrita It would have been nice if both were deployed on the same platform and then the specific component that are only for Android or IOS specifically are highlighted in the component section whiles those that can be used for both operating systems(OS) are left unhighlighted.

But however it is been done, we are grateful for your efforts to always give us the best user experience. Thumbs UP to Team @thunkable

Best Regard


I’m looking forward to producing apps for ios! :slight_smile:
This will be a nice new challenge. I can not wait to see it finally :sweat_smile:


@Brainwork I agree with you, but for many technical reasons (which our team has spent months discussing) it’s not quite possible to do it that way for now. Hopefully in the future!


Much thanks for the quick response!

I signed up with Thunkable yesterday and spent the last two days learning the platform and building a wrapper for my web application. I’m nearly up and running with fusion table-stored credentials, and an authenticated webview session. Amazing product guys, very excited build on the iOS platform!


How’s the progress going on iOS? I can’t wait to release my apps on iOS! Any idea as to when it will be released?