iOS for Thunkable

The team are still working hard on iOS. I’m sure it’ll be ready shortly.


Good deal, I cant wait!

Hi all -

We’re starting to take names for the iOS beta which we are working really hard to complete! As soon as we have a clear timeline, we will share with everyone.

In the meantime we are starting to take names for the iOS beta - please add your name here!



The link says “you need permission to access the form”.

I’m not sure if you can answer this or not, but will the iOS version still have FusionTables control? I find that function of particular use. In fact, our social media was built around Thunkable and Fusion Tables.

WOW, it’s so cool to here that we are so near to reach it

But unfortunatly I don’t have any iPad or iPhone or MAC to test it, so let’s others to be betatesters :wink:

It’s going to be great. :iphone:

Whos Hyped For IOS

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Sorry you cant say your not. xD


that should be fixed!

We are trying to just finish up the MVP to start being able to beta test it! We are planning to add all the same features over time!


I cant wait! I hope its released soon!

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I promise you I want it released just as much as you do:)


im excited for it, but I am an android guy so I will probably wait for all of you guys to work out the bugs and kinks or else I will go batty :stuck_out_tongue:


I can not wait for this moment to arrive.


Is there a chance it will release before the end of February?


I cannot commit to a date (as things may change and building iOS has a lot of very difficult technical challenges!), but we are currently targeting early-mid March to have the beta ready.


thank you amrita, is it an open or a closed beta?

Even the thought of iOS beta coming in March is amazing! Your team works so hard on this and our developer team is thankful for the work you all put in. Thunkable allowed us to create a social media app, and even the MVP iOS beta will allow us to build a MVP version of our social media app. The versatility of Thunkable is absolutely unbeatable!


I teach Intro to Computer Science for an 8th grade title one school using MIT App Inventor which is very similar to your platform. Starting next month a new semester starts, and I would like the students to make our new school app for Android and IOS. Our student population has a mix of both Android and IOS devices. In the past other than the normal tutorials, we have created a variety of apps including an Anti-Bullying App using the Magic 8 ball concept. We would love to be included in the beta test if possible. I signed up using your Google form, but wanted to post here also just in case. :wink:


Awesome @TheTechGuyEd! The Thunkable team is working super hard and hopes to have it done by mid march! (Hopefully earlier!)