Missing from IOS functions that are in Android as standard

  1. No access to either local storage or online cloud storage, so unable to play any music files or image files.
  2. Unable to change colours of Buttons in Blocks, only in fixed properties. No Text colours either.
  3. Unable to use variable index offset, ie (index +/-1 etc)
  4. Only plays fixed sound or images which are preloaded in the downloaded app!
  5. Unable to download project blocks using browser file which is recognised by Windows or cut and paste blocks between projects.
  6. You can only do “Save As” by sharing the entire project with another Apple ID. This makes storing multiple versions of same project very difficult.
  7. You can only publish it on Apple App store, which is a lot more costly than Google’s FREE ($25 initial charge only) option. Google also allows you to distribute it yourself, so it private to your own use.]

I don’t get what this post should be or what you want to achieve with it… I think it is very redundant…

Many of these requests are now available:

And most of the remainder will be added in the future - thanks for your feedback!

btw. 7. is a limitation from Apple and Thunkable cannot change anything about that.

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What Rubbish, I have an Apple 4 with IOS 7.1. Why not support as many versions of the IOS as possible?
You do this on Android!
If I can logon to Apple Apps and Itunes and download apps and music, videos etc, with IOS 7, why are they not supported on Thunkable?

Most people have NOT upgraded to IOS X, because of the expensive and lack of any worthwhile extra features. Please can you keep Thunkable away from the “cutting edge of Technology”, and make it more applicable to a wider range of users?

what are you even talking about… Your posts point no 7 was about the limitation that you must have a 99$/year developer account to publish to iOS app store and cannot publish apps in another way and that IS a limitation from Apple…

Now THAT is rubbish… Barely any iOS user is still using iOS 7. Well, of course if you have an iPhone 4 (it’s not called Apple 4) the latest version you can install is iOS 7 but the iPhone 4 is about 8 years old hardware…


thx @Chris ! pictures say more than thousand words :+1:

That is why I am stopping using Thunkable IOS, which is a much inferior system which is chasing Apples tail to keep up.