[In Progress] iOS Apps Crash on Launch

Hi! Any system changes in the past 6 hours? My 4 webapps were running 4 hours ago. Now they are no longer working. There seems to be an error when accessing Firebase Realtime Database. Any recent changes to Firebase?


Yeah I’ve been having issues on and off all day.

My app isn’t working on iOS Live or Android Live or Web Preview. I’ve tried clearing cache and reinstalling apps. No luck.

This app uses AirTable so this is not Firebase specific.

…Need to finish a client project by tomorrow…


Yeah, me too. My app doesn’t seem to work properly either. Yesterday was fine. I tried also reinstalled and cleared cache but nothing changed. This happened I think after the last Thunkable Live (android) update today.

My stored variables aren’t working suddenly for all my apps created. Was working fine like eight hours ago.

The same thing happens to me, my variables do not work, 8 hours ago it worked fine, any solution?

PLEASE, give me some feedback to help me restore my websapps or say something to my users. Users of my webapps are complaining a lot. I am not using Thunkable for which they are installed (Android and iOS). Does Thunkable have a status page system to track system failures? Please @domhnallohanlon, feedback. Thanks.

I’m also having some problems with the Web Live Test with some, but not all, stored variables.

I’m having a similar (the same?) problem with app variables in Live Test… Until yesterday all worked fine. Please advise

I debugged a lot. I am having problems with the application variables too.
Thunkable staff, any feedback?

I created a demo project to show the app variable bug. https://x.thunkable.com/projectPage/5fae92e99a39fa00114ed898.

I have a meeting in 3 hours to demonstrate my game (Thunkable webapp). Any chance the system is fixed by then?

I hope so… I’m stuck as well - fingers crossed!

We’re looking into it at the moment @caminostudio - so hopefully it will be back up and running soon.

What sort of demo do you need to do? (i.e wondering if you would be able to present, or Chrome Cast?) from a physical device if you needed to have a fall back?

Thanks @domhnallohanlon!
I am negotiating with a large company in Brazil to make a game for their year-end event. A video conference event. I am proposing to create a game for the participants to interact during the videoconference. I had a meeting today to show an example of a game I have already made using Thunkable. Unfortunately I already canceled. I rescheduled for Monday. I hope the system will be fixed by then. Thanks!


PS: My webapps don´t works stand alone. In fact, my system use 3 webappps + Firebase integrated. With this “app variable” bug the system don´t run.

Right now, it’s working again. I hope it keeps working. Thanks.

@caminostudio Did you change anything from your app to make it work? Thanks!

looks like it’s working again indeed - thanks!

I don’t think so. My app is still not responsive in the variables matter. At least with the “app” declaration. :frowning:

It doesn’t work for me yet. Any particular procedure we need to follow to make it work?