[Solved] Variable value disappears after navigating to next screen

I have a screen on which the user defines a variable value with a slide button. Then the user taps OK to navigate away from that screen to the next in line. But, arriving at the new screen, the value set by the user is gone.

So, on the “value select screen” I put in a test label to display the value the user selected. The variable shows up correctly as expected and changes as expected according to the 4 slide switch options available. Then I put a test label on the next screen to verify that the variable was accessible across both screens. This label displayed no value at all. Just blank.

Because this has helped in the past, I went to the blocks and changed all instances of the variable name to an alternate name on the variable menu, and then back to the intended name (which was still on the menu). Now, I got a zero value showing up, rather than a blank, it was still not the value set by the user in the previous screen.

I have several other variables which successfully/reliably maintain their values between screen changes, so this has me stumped.

Can anyone suggest other debugging measures I can take?

Thx :slight_smile:


I too experienced this anomaly on V2.05.
The issue was not consistent and appears to remedy itself on every second reload after removing app data. I have put this down to just one of the numerous issues we are having with the new revisions.


I have the same issue just today. but it was on webapp. Yours was on the phone?

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This occurs in Live and new Preview on PC, and I have not been able to download an iOS version yet (could not even get in the queue).

My issues with variables between screens was on the phone.

Update: I downloaded V205. Now the variables cannot be used across screens for both wepapp and also live test on phone.

I’m seeing some weird behavior with app level variables not being updated in some places. Here is a simple example: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/5342a5845580e4ba8b8c12f4b14b463b

Again this is specific to the Web Preview/Published. Reported here:

I also noticed every screen seems to open up twice which makes it look glitchy.


Darren, your tutorials are excellent. I’m a fan.
I have been putting in all manner of labels to monitor variables and can’t get anywhere. I was convinced it was my blocks causing the problem but I’ve been over them so many times now that I was about ready to give up my nascent Thunkable hobby. You have given me hope.


@penny @darren @gobassky @eddie.rebehy just letting you know that we’re taking a closer look at this. Darren has already provided a thorough report, but to help us resolve the issue as quickly as possible could you let us know:

Are you live testing or installing your projects?
Are you using Android or iOS?

Also, if you can create a really simple example project that reproduces this behaviour that would be super-helpful too!

Thank you!!!

Hi Domhnall,

I can’t do the mini app right now but this is happening in Live, and Preview for me. I have still been unable to get an app into the queue for iOS build. The server is too busy.


Can you take a few screenshots maybe @penny?


Since the new update today
The Display screen app variables is missing blank.

Hey @kizzy - I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this.

Can you share some screenshots please, or some instructions on how we can reproduce this behaviour in our own tests?



you can see the display screen is blank same with my app on android live app 205 not the ios 203 version

Ah yes…got it now, thanks @kizzy.

This app uses variables on the second screen to access the relevant data from the Data Viewer.

I’m going to move this here, since this is a variables issue and not a Data Viewer issue. :smile:

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I’m using the Live test on IOS and here you can look at my project: https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5f1b130a4e7b0710565676b8/e3b47783-d0fa-4cac-a377-e1ef4e8f079a/designer

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Same issue here, if you need access to a project with the variables problem, let me know so I can share one of mine :+1:

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Thanks @jens12341234 @Ironchorch_Yo - we’ve identified the source of the problem, working on a fix for this now!

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hi @domhnallohanlon
Android live testing.

yesterday, after being perplexed for a while I actually did create a simple two screen single variable app but could NOT reproduce the error.

after returning to my project app, the error seemed to only reappear on the first opening after clearing app data. hope that helps. With a refresh of data and opening app after initialising, all seems well.

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