App Variable not carrying value from other screens

Hello guys,

I have an web app published since months ago and functional, but since last Saturday the app variables have stopped carrying values from other screens, which is an important function that the app relies on. I haven’t touched the app recently and it’s been working well. I’ve tried cloud/stored values and none of them are carrying values from other screens. Is Thunkable doing something that could affect this?

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Without seeing your code and see what you mean by carrying values from other screens it will be very difficult to answer your question.

Hi muneer, here’s an example:
In one screen I have these blocks so that when the user clicks on Button282, it jumps to a new page:

while on the new screen, the user enters certain text and choose from a list the item that he wants. When clicks the item, the item is saved to an app variable and then jumps back to the original screen.

In the end in the original screen it shows the app variable value in a text box. This function has been working for months and suddenly failed since the weekend. I’ve tested with blocks, the app variable is correctly assigned with the value, but when jumping back to the original screen it becomes blank:(

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As far as you explained, the app goes from original screen to the other screen and goes back to the original screen correctly but the value of the variable is not being reflected in the original screen.

Make sure that the variables are all declared (initialized) in the original screen and that you are using the correct variable names.

Are you using a Navigator component and the screens are inside this navigator? Or you are only using screens?

Furthermore, do you have any blocks in the original screen Opens or Starts blocks that could effect this behavior?

They are correctly named and declared in the original screen. I’m using only screens, not navigator component.

They have been working for almost a year now, it suddenly stops working since last Saturday and I didn’t touch any blocks for months.

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Can you confirm that you are not using the variable in one of these blocks in the original screen?

I have a start block to check if the app variable is empty, when it’s empty it will make visible or not some parts. Has there been some changes to the start and open blocks over the weekend?

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You can check it here

There has been no updates on start and open blocks. And again, they have been working for a year on my app. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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I would not be able to comment without seeing the codes.

is there anyway to show you the project? Cuz the Thunkbale support chat is not answering anything since Saturday …

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Send me the project link either here or as a private message.


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