Global variable values issues

Hello i have an issue on variable,

when i navigate from one screen to one other, my variables keeps values only on web app and Preview but not on mobile version where they appears Null

why that happens ?


What type of variables?

normal, not stored neither cloud

it happens also on app published 3 months ago and that I’ve never changed

in Web App or Preview it works. in iOS mobile app… no

“normal” meaning an app variable?

Those should keep their values when you switch screens without quitting the app.

If you create a new variable (right now, not one you already had…), initialize it to a string value (“hello”) and then display it in a label on a different screen, what happens?

yes APP.

that procedure works only on web app or preview but when I try it on mobile this variable on other screen returns Null

I am currently having this problem to.

it’s a bug ?

So if I Live Test this in Thunkable Live on my iPhone 11, I see “Screen1” with “hello” and when I tap the button, I see “Screen2” with “hello”.

Is it different for you?

oh thanks for sharing ! your app works… but now please take a look…
I modified as I usually do and it doesn’t works …

I mean, it works on Web but not on iPhone

@aiasp If you modified it, you’ll have to share the link with me. Modified shared projects are only changed in your account.

That still works for me. It says “hello” on both screens. There must be a bug that’s affecting only some users…?

it could be… really screen2 is empty on my phone and “hello” on PC… :frowning:

and it happens for all my previous apps… I’m spending a lot of times in this 48 hours to understand what did I do wrong but I think it’s not my problem .

hope someone of Staff read this …


What device are you using? I am using an iPad running iPadOS 14.2.

MacBook Pro and iPhone 11 …now I try on iPad, good idea

this is on iphone

I get that same result running the demo on my iPad