Initialized App variable at initial screen not able to be changed after

I have this app variable initialized at the first app screen with a traceable value (sero) at the login screen of my app (always displays):


Then at this app screen each of the three buttons change the the text within the aforementioned app variable when clicked and then invoke a third screen:

The last screen is supposed to display the value selected in the previous screen’s button chosen within the label shown in violet font color.


But all it shows is the value with which the app variable was initialized in the login screen:

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!!!

The problem is that app variables don’t work right now. Use other components or blocks instead.

I would do this


This app variable issue is it the one causing the application to miss on first launch ?. My app gives wrong reading on the first launch then when you launch it again it works great. But I noticed it does this for all areas that have app variables.

For example, I prefer to use applications that work the first time. If the app doesn’t work the first time, I’ll just choose another app. The majority of app users will also get it.

Hi, thanks, but, are you saying that variables don’t work at all?, I tested further and it seems that only in the thunkable app they dont work, but in live test in the thunkable web page the work properly, they show in labels, and also can be computed.

Well… I found out that app variables just do not work at the thunkable app in the phone, they just refuse to properly work at all… I replaced the app variable for a stored variable and then it worked fine, it shows in labels when its value is assigned to the label text, and it does compute nicely when doing math with other number variables. Soooo… go figure, it must be a bug or somethin’

I’m allready 4 months into my app and you’re telling me i should change all my App Variables to Alerts?? you can imagine it’s not only one variable…

Will it be fixed soon?

Change them to stored variables, that should solve your problem.


Yeah use stored vars, that did the trick for me, I see you have not stumbled upon the problem yet.

No, I want to say that I made a simple app and I have Live on Android app-variables don’t work. But that doesn’t mean they don’t work at all. That’s why I say this: app variable blocks are unstable.

Variables are the Foundation of any application. They should work perfectly and always. If this is not the case, then this is not a bug - this is a problem and I do not recommend using such variables. It’s like the brakes on a car. Do you get into a car where the brakes are applied the second time? Personally, I won’t sit down.

Let’s clarify the situation.

  1. I am a regular user and I am afraid that I will not be able to accept your claims on my account.

  2. Various problems with app blocks exist for a long time, as I have written many times. For this reason, 99% of my apps don’t have app blocks at all.

  3. I agree with you that it is very unpleasant to face the fact that after the next update of the platform, something stops working or begins to work unstable. I also understand that it will take a lot of time and effort to replace 100-200 blocks. But this is a feature of visual programming where the gain in the simplicity of creating applications is achieved at the expense of losing on other parameters.

  4. I can only recommend that you do not use app blocks based on my experience with them, but the decision is yours: you can wait for the situation with them to be corrected, or replace these blocks with something else. To be more precise, I can offer several options and no one is required to replace it with Alert. Why do I suggest Alert and not stored variables? Because there were problems with stored blocks before, but I haven’t seen any problems with Alert yet. You can use any global component to transfer data between screens.

Alerts don’t work for Web Apps so… :smirk: I am extremely disappointed by how everything is turning out. I was getting ready to launch my app but with all these issues I am scared that my app will underperform and I will lose money. I am so disappointed with how things are turning out someone from Thinkable needs to say something here at least to bring our hopes back on.

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I personally didn’t know that Alert is not supported in the Web App. This means that stored variables remain or Local DB works in web applications.

Hey @parknpayuserc4he - the short answer here is “nothing”. As mentioned above, this is a temporary issue that we are working hard to resolve at the moment.

From what I’ve seen so far, you can actually still use dynamically named variables like this:

rather than these statically named variables:


@thanos-x it might be - can you swap your variables as I’ve suggested above and let us know whether or not that works for you?

This is clearly outlined in our docs, please do not take the suggestion to use an Alert instead of a variable seriously, if there is an issue reported in the community such as this then we will fix that issue - if we wanted you to use an Alert as a variable then it would be called a variable.

@dami_flepp, please disregard the silly “advice” you have been given above - we will be able to get this resolved for you shortly. Do you have a sense of how many variables you’re using in your app right now (i.e. is it 10s or 100s or 1,000s?) Also, 4 months sounds like a pretty intensive project - is it published in any of the app stores yet?

This isn’t a “report”, the support for this component hasn’t been added yet and we clearly stated this in our docs when it was launched. Please take care not to mis-inform users like this, you are imaging issues here where there is no issue. Just because there is a temporary issue with one type of variable block, does not make it reasonable to assume that unrelated components are “broken” too.

As a regular user you have my direct email and I try to maintain regular contact with you. If you have a question about something you are unclear on the please feel free to contact me personally rather than making guesses like you have here.


Thanks @domhnallohanlon, was really confused about the “Alerts substituting the app var” suggestions but I didn’t want to comment on something I knew nothing about. And you are right my comment on Alerts not working on Web app is not a report but a statement as is on the documentation.

I changed my app var and it works great on Live but the downloaded app gives me a white screen on launch. I will try to debug and see maybe I changed something but I highly doubt.

Domhnall Let’s clarify a number of points.

  1. the topic and question do not indicate that the problem is related to the Web App. I don’t use Alert as a variable, but use this component to transfer data between screens. This option works for me on iOS and Android for a long time and is stable. I think this gives me a reason to offer this option to other users as well. Or am I wrong?

  2. Regarding the message that Alert does not work in the Web app, I really incorrectly expressed myself for which I apologize to the entire Thunkable X development team! What I really wanted to say is that I personally didn’t know that Alert is not supported in the Web App. So I will change my answer.