App variables bug!

I’m having a strange problem when I’m creating app variable ( not stored ) It acting exactly like stored variable, so when I close and open the app again checking out the value of this app variable … the same value before app close !


when opening screen2 at least once, the closing and reopening the app and directly open screen 1 the result is : Done
how that could be happen ? it’s supposed to be null !
thanks in advance

My understanding of app variables is that they retain their value until the app is force quitted.

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and that’s exactly what i need to do, but the result is not like that !
It’s acting like stored variable !

Any chance you can post a link to your project? I could test it on my phone and figure out why it’s keeping variable values when you don’t want it to.

And just to be clear: force quitting an app can different than closing and re-opening it, assuming you’re “closing it” by putting it in the background.

Here’s the example project
and of course I’m forcing the app to close not putting it in background
thanks in advance .

I can confirm that it does keep the app variable value when force-quitting Thunkable Live and re-opening it. Now to test it on a downloaded copy…

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I did that too, the same result .
I think it’s really a bug !