What happens if I delete a Data Source

Also i never knew the data source in the project app is linked to the publish APP

If it’s local storage, when you build the app that’s the data that your app will be published with. Is that what you mean?

This happen on 2 occaians

  1. i deleted the Airtable file from my project app then my APP store app people start emailing me its not working then i put back the data source it works

  2. July 17th my issue with device online i send out copy of my project and then i deleted it and used a copy SO project gone i cant put back data source in the data list view so i had to update app with new one . then the whole crashing issue unable to do so so i had to pull my app from app store i had forgotten about the first time it happened

this is on ios i have not tested it on Android

The data list view and data source in your project app is linked to the APP in the App store

Just to clarify here - did you delete the Airtable component from your Thunkable project, or did you delete/modify your Airtable data table?

Delete the airtable from the project

And…did you update the app on the App Store after the component was removed?

Also, why did you remove the component?

The first time this happened i had just remove the airtable to put another one because i had used the same airtable file for android and ios and android was having an issue reading long speech to text so i had to break up my text in 3 extra columns so i just decided to use 2 different airtble files .

while testing the data view list was not loading i thought was my internet and i just forgot about it only to have many emails from the App users . So i remember it happen and i thought was my internet so i just put back the same airtable file i removed and it was working again i did not have to update in app store .

This time as i said i deleted my project and was using a copy of the same project i am OCD i dont like seeing remix on my projects. but now the publish app is missing airtable file that i cant just put back so i need to update i also test it with google sheets same thing

So anywhere i my app that i used the airtable file as a data source not only in list view i had a submit form also is not working
but using the airtable file as spreedsheet file is still working where i had it for background pic to change everyday

This will probably be an issue, especially if you have a published app. You really shouldn’t delete your original project as it has all the data needed to update a published app. Have you tried updating yet by any chance?

Again, this is a little unclear to me. Did you make any changes to your Airtable base (on Airtable.com) that your published apps were already using? Adding and removing the component in your project shouldn’t really make a difference to a published app. The only way I can see that users would be complaining is if the Base on Airtable.com was changed or moved.

No did nothing at airtable.com the same is with google sheets the issue is just the data source component

the copy of the project once fixed is the same thing. i was going to update on the 17th when the crashing issue started. now the missing variable is almost as the same problem so i cant update till that is fixed.

But i mention this the first tine no one understood me so i forgot about it .But my work around from now is just to leave the original alone.

Ok, let’s come back to this so once the variable issue is resolved.

But i need someone from staff to private message or email me on my pro membership issue

I just saw this now, your PM was titled “RE:Thunkable Live app” so I didn’t realise it related to membership.

I’ve replied there anyway, please take a look.


the other day i made this post but like no understood me
Yesterday i did some updates and asked staff for help i found what the issue was myself but my project been copied in figuring out the problem anyway again this issue of the data view in the publish app reacting to being removed in the project Why would this happen i asked the last time now it happen again in my publish ios app the air table data view wont load now i have to make an update and the apple store takes 2 days to even republish this should not happen

Hi @Mikas_3D,

I can’t think of any reason why a component would ever “disappear” from a built app.

To help narrow it down, if you download and install directly on your phone, is it working? Does this only apply to published apps or is it any downloaded app?

This has happened before and you all did not understand me i think this is a bug I cannot believe I am the only one. how i fix last time was just restoring data source to the project but this time i have copies of the project out there so adding back data source did not work.

if I copy a project or rename remove the data source in the project. The published ios app data source stops working it just won’t load. I am going to try to fix this today using Google sheets as my data source I hope I do not have the same issue. i have 1500 downloads so people are just emailing me complaining not I have to devote time to this when I did not plan too.

This is crazy nothing i do in the project of an APP should affect the already Published APP data source air table from loading

It Also happens when i download test app . i just test it out again
when it happen last time was an easy fix to put back data source but this there are different copies of the app and i maybe had deleted the original copy so i cant just put it back

@Mikas_3D I’ve never experienced anything as severe as you are but I have had an app that uses the data viewer which breaks after about a week or two of every update. (published version of app on App Store).

Is your data viewer stuck on loading by any chance? Or has the component completely disappeared.

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completely gone

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