Data list viewer or Airtable is not working on published app

here is what my app looks like normally, i used Data List Viewer connecting to Airtable.

but Don’t know why but it is not working at least now. here’s looks like now.

(if i i scroll down)

and, if i record new data to airtable via my app, there is no new record on Airtable.

It is URGENT. So please help me if you know this situation and solution.

(FYI, i’m modifying the app for renewal and also deleted components like data list viewer in but is it matter? i don’t think so becuz published app is independent apk file)

I have the same problem it would be apreciated if anyone could help

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I tested but in new project, it works fine.

I think it maybe kinda “broken” when some user delete their record or something. (But as far i know, there wasnt happen any special event)

So im renewing the data source and viewer, and preparing publish new version.

I think data source is not stable yet.

Hope for improvement about this.

Are you getting any error from Airtable? Do you have any error handling in your blocks @saramdl.gaunde021?

@will_r.06 can you provide us with some additional info please, or steps to reproduce this error?


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I’m facing the same problem, please help urgently.

Did you remove the data source from the project app? did you rename or delete copy the project app with the data source?

No, actually I had used the airtable before the new updated component of the data list viewer.
Also did not rename/delete the project. However it has been remixed and copied several times.
Is there any other thing I should look for ?

ok well i have not tested it with project being copied that should not mess it up but who knows

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i think the problem is “Data souce”.
block or airtable is working independently now.

@domhnallohanlon i need your honest answer. can it be fixed for apps published already? becuz i think it is the first time that thunkable update affects published app in appstore & playstore. if its impossible, we have to update it.

BUT as you know, we can’t update the app now becuz if we renew the app then it will crash for all my users. im just waiting for system update.

i had used the same data source for both Android and ios then had change the layout for my Android so i used different data source of the same info for Android i am so glad i did that now else both platforms would be down now. My problem was that i mistakenly deleted the project APP for my published APP and was using a copy therefore my published app data source was removed.


Happy to say that the build servers have now been fixed and you can download a new version your app to test.

Please take a look and let us know whether or not that helps you with updating your app.


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Just checking when you test my app if you add an item does it show on the data viewer list?

@will_r.06, sorry which app?

thanx. we are ready to update.

so i publish my update and my display page was blank!
close the app an reopen display shows up

I made a free app for someone his follower are very picky and like to complain since this was the main issue of data view missing they complain that i took a week and still not working

so i would have to update another time in the future not now so done with this (the fix for now is just reopen)
to the new users to the download i would have to put an in app message to close and reopen.
I will wait to update android version that would be looking for unwanted issue users

Not sure this is under the right topic because this is a different issue from my original post