[Solved] Help with Data Viewer List

Please could you help me? I am using a data viewer list in my app but nothing seems to be showing up it worked before and suddenly stopped working. Here’s a link to my app: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/464bba0efcf879623a5028fd75bc9ce1

I need my app to be finished by friday so please could you help me.

Thanks for reading this, Will


I took a look at your project and it appears that there is no data in the table that you were trying to have your list viewer show stuff from. If you add some stuff to that table, what happens?


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I have tried entering data and it seems to come up in airtable so there must be an error in showing the data can you help me identify what this is?

I have made a few changes since the last link so here is a new one: https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5ee228c4cc91429680bc7fd2/Screen1/designer

(Ignore the welsh)

Hello @will_r.06,

I took a look at your project agian andit apears that you have to change the following fields in the properties section of your data viewer. (See Screenshot) Pleaswe tell me if switching these values to the collums that you want to display data from works.


Photo: (If you change these to what data you want to display, it should work.)


Hi thanks so much it worked, thank you for helping me with this! Now but have another problem when I go onto the database screen if I input an image or video it doesn’t post. If you could help me with this it would be highly appreciated!


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I am very glad that you figured out how to get this to work, unfortunately, I have never used Airtable before so I am afraid I cannot help you with that, so sorry :frowning_face:!



Thanks so much for helping me you have been very helpful i will look in to the other problem and see if i can find anything

Thanks Very much, Will


Me either but Nice app

Thanks this is my first app

Cool! I remembered my first app was terrible

My first app was terrible too, it had a loading screen an image and a label.

Really? I remember I did not not what i was doing and I got a messed up app

Well, the app didn’t actually do anything, it just had some random stuff.

Me too I had a list and different things kept popping up

Can multiple people look at an app at the same time?

Just Wondering

I have no idea