Dataviewer Grid List is not displaying Images

I tried to make dataviewer grid and even dataviewer list to display images but they just dont work. I connected it to a sheet and synced but yet still facing same issue. Please any reply would be appreciated.

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There’s no way we can help you without a link to your project or screenshots of your blocks.


can i pm you the link to the app.?

Is it your app that’s called “blankscreen”? I haven’t looked through it properly yet in case that’s not it, but that’s the last one you modified (at the time of this post).

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yes thats it

You can share the link here, there’s no need to PM it as it’s not secret.

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Also please in the the activity screen i would like if a user submits a form only what he submits should show in the data viewer list and not other users submission. How can I do that ? please help

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you should enter a URL not a file name.

sorry if I get the wrong topic :smiley:

Which screen and/or navigator tab has the problem with the dataviewer grid/list?



Sorry i’m a new user and dont know how the community works

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You haven’t synced the Picture component to any part of the data source:

You have to select a value there.



I did before, and then removed it when it didn’t work.
I’ve done it again and it still isnt showing

ive done that i only removed it when it didnt work

That field has to have a value. And the database has to have valid image file urls. Maybe you can post some screenshots of the Picture field (like I did above) and then of your database.

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Ok i’ll do that now. Thanks for the replies so far


snip 2
these are the snips

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Hmm, okay, it looks like you’re using Airtable and uploading the images directly to an Attachment column. I believe that should work. But try switching the Picture field value in Thunkable to a url column if you have one. For a temporary test, enter a few sample urls in a different column and sync to that column instead.

Edit: I just checked and you can definitely use images in an Airtable column. No need to use urls. So there’s maybe something about your images that isn’t compatible? I’m not sure. Are they actual image files (e.g. png, jpg) or are they text such as emojis?