[Solved] If i add an image to my data viewer list it doesn’t work can someone help me

Link to my app: https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5ee228c4cc91429680bc7fd2/313795fa-6d0e-4e9a-8b0b-594252cc359c/blocks Please send a screenshot of problem if possible. :grinning:

Hi @will_r.06

Are you trying to add images dynamically? Are you doing a pull-to-refresh after each upload?

No it automatically refreshes the page but when i press the post button it doesn’t do anything and stays on the same screen whereas if I don’t add a photo it goes to the list screen and shows the item. For some reason the Colums seem to be empty on the copy but in the original the colums are connected thanks for your help dom, Will!

Sorry I have ten days to finish this project any help would be appreciated

Did you get this working in the end? (Not sure who marked this post as “solved”?)

Did you see my other post about forcing the data to update by jumping back and forth between screens?