[Solved] Latest Update - Airtable not showing on Data List

Hello there,

I just updated to the newest version of the Thunkable Live and suddenly one of my app (StP) is not working anymore.
It was supposed to show a Data List component gathering data from Airtable (it has always worked) but now i just have blank screens.
It shows correctly once published in WebApp so i dont have much to attach…

@maurizio.polverini89 Are there any blocks involved or just showing the data using a Data Viewer? Can you check to see if your integration to Airtable includes that base or does it need to be reset?

There were not blocks involved, the only was the “Refresh” on opening.

I tried to take it off and plug it back in, apparently it works now.

Thank you very much for your time, i’ll update you if the problem persists